It's all in the Techniques

It's all in the Techniques
Videomaker's Video Production Associate, Igor Zarubin, passed an interesting 12-minute video along to us the other day. It's called Signs, and it is such a simple yet well-produced video that I thought I'd share it with our readers, too.
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I just posted this to another question, but you will never find it with the particular header, so I thought it would be helpful to give it a more descriptive header:

Here are some every day marketing issues we all face and how you can easily solve them:

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Hello all. Check out my Youtube profile, videos are not awesome but we are pretty much messing around. Please rate comment and subscribe

The crew (of VideoWank)

Erase Youtube

Erase Youtube
Everyone of us have done it. There you are posting away about how dumb a video you saw on Youtube is, you click post... And then you realize wait, I misspelled... EVERYTHING! Now you are the one who looks dumb. Well now we can all save a little face, because Youtube has just included the option to erase those comments.
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Some time ago there was a list of video hosting sites like youtube published in Video maker. I need to find a site that my company can use to publish weekly project updates that will be secured from the general public but still accesible by our management form just about any internet connection. Anybody have a suggestion?

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I am involved in a very exiting innovating service. It is

We make our users share their media contents with their friends instantly, skipping the lengthy file upload phase. We provide synchronized watching experience for the Initiator (broadcaster) and the Viewers (friends). And furthermore - the file size is unlimited, you can run any size you like!

The Initiator have to go through short setup, while the Viewer just should have a Flash player in his browser (same for the Initiator). We support almost every known media formats.

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Maybe this is an odd start to a thread because I don't have any real question per se, I just find it interesting how (and correct me if I'm wrong) as the technology for creating movies and distributing them gets better and better we have websites like youtube and google video where millions of people are watching some of the most horrendously compressed video I've ever seen. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking these sites, because they do what they do well -- they bring content to the masses with speed and can expose a lot of people to new audiences.

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I have found reviews,watched Youtube tutorials, andspent two weeksresearching and Videomaker looked like a great place to get solid competent information about my needs.

My interest is to acquire the proper equipment and software for making video productions that will go onto/within webpages, including some Youtube stuff as well.Creating DVD training disks are also part of my needs.

Researching has been helpful, but now I'm down to applying what I've learned to actually buying the equipment to accomplish the work I have planned.


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