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Sorry to ask this question but I need to! There is so much info out there but still I havent found the perfect settings/setup.

I use a Panasonic HVX201AE + Adobe Premiere pro CS4 to shoot and upload to Youtube.

I prefer to do widescreen and all is digital.

First Panasonic settings what is the best format to shoot?

Second Adobe Premiere settings to import and export to get the best results in Youtube.

Hope to find some usefull tips



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I've posted videos to a number of hosting sites. When I view the videos from ALL the sites, they play perfectly. However, in an informal poll, everyone who attempts to view the videos says that they play poorly in some fashion. Either they stop, go very slowly, play only the audio, etc. Since I cannot duplicate the problem from my location, it's tough to troubleshoot. I'm happy to try different output formats (I'm using PremierePro CS4) but I can't even validate that they work or don't work properly.

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Hello, making my world of warcraft movie and quitting the game.
I have recorded many good pvp moments with fraps at 60FPS full size
My screen resolution is 1024x768
I would like to know please what template should i use when creating a
new project with sony vegas ? And what rendering settings should i use
also for it to achieve best quality.
Best blur motion method? etc All help is appreciated and rewarded with
gold from my server Lightbringer - EU since im quitting the game.

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The videos I have uploaded to Youtube recently have all got a long time delay on the sound. When I upload the same videos to Yahoo the sound is as it should be.

I dont think it could be my coding errors because of the Yahoo videos being OK.

Please help me by first watching
At about 1min 04 the shot is from the back of a green car with the plate DIPSY.

You may hear my wife say DIPSY and the my voice saying DIPSY.

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