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I keep seeing this question on here so I'm posting my favorite article on this subject written by someone at DVXuser, I feel this article and the links within should answer every question you have about posting a video on youtube, your own site and all other compression issues. Enjoy and I recommend you bookmark it like I have! ;)

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Once a Week online film festival is a weekly showcase of short indie films under 15 minutes. All films showcased come directly from submissions. Every Wednesday at 10pm eastern time the highest rated film will be shown on the homepage and will remain for an entire week. Each selected film will stay on the channel forever and as the festival grows will receive more and more views. No Entry Fee. Any genre accepted, no completion date. For more information on how to submit please visit.

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I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Omar Ghanem,iam an Egyptian and the creator of Natural Geo-Team.

if you are wondering what is Natural Geo-Team?

Natural Geo-team is a group known for making short Wildlife Documentaries and Vlogs on Youtube.
We film anything concerning Nature and we have some webs series's that we are working on:
-Herping with Omar.
-Travel and Adventure.
-Graden Lovers.
-Sea madness.
-Nature Short Clips.
-Ant's empire.</span>

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Hey everybody!

Here's a video we did with Indigo Productions last year. It's a parody of the famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance and it was meant to go viral. So far we got over 7millionviews on YouTube alone, so I think we can safely say that we succeeded in the "viral" part. Any comments or ideas how we could improve in the future?



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