History of Video Now and Then

History of Video Now and Then
For a "blast from the past," lets look at some tidbits of video history and how it has have affected the way people track events around them using video.
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Hi, I'm a student filmmaker who's new to these forums. I've been making shitty little short videos for two years, but at the end of the last school year I worked with a production theater next to my school to make this sketch. And I'm just looking for opinions on it.

When I watch it, my only change would be to add more jokes. The video is basically one long joke, but if I could change it I would add more jokes in general. But yeah, thank you for any criticism or whatnot!

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Hello, i am a kid making some SFX and i really ant to ge better, i will post some video links in here and if you have the time then watch them. Thanks and leave your HONEST critique.

<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>-John

Montauk Shootout:

Lightsaber Battle:

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 Hello folks,

I'm working on a project about a trip to Philippines. I shoot it with a Sony NXCAM NX5U camera.

I filmed in 1920*1080 23.976p and it's my setting in my NLE, Sony Vegas Pro.

So, I did a trailer because I want to advertise my film on youtube.

I would like to know which "export settings" is the best when we want to upload a video on youtube. I mean, when I go in the menu " Render as" in vegas, which options becomes the best way to keep the overall quality of the entire project without degrading too much the pictures.

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Here is the latest stereoscopic 3D video I put up on YouTube. It's a montage of some still I took @ the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden in Springfield Missouri USA. The camera was a Sony 3D Bloggie and the video was edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD. Questions & comments are welcome (you will probably get a faster response if you ask on YouTube) Have fun watching ;)



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