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I create podcasts whenever I have something important to say. I gathered a small fanbase already. But I also want to make money with it. I got an email from youtube that I now get a share of adsense revenue there. But my podcasts are audio only. Which quick but at the same time eye-candy ways to create a video around audio can you come up with?

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Hi, my name is Andrew Chandler.. I run aYouTube channelcalled "AccuracyFilms" and enjoy making any kind of short film that comes my way, but my main focus is action.. Please subscribe to my channel if you have an account with YouTube and support me by watching my videos... Tell me what you think!!

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I have a client that desires to have copyrighted music in the video content that I shoot and edit for her. I try out music in Garageband and other methods of free music but I know she wants certain songs to go along with the videos she imagines.

Although I am getting paid by her to do these videos, they are only going on her YouTube and YouTube usually recognizes the song and (to make things fair) puts an add for the particular song below the video. She knows this and is still fine with using copyrighted music.

History of Video Now and Then

History of Video Now and Then
For a "blast from the past," lets look at some tidbits of video history and how it has have affected the way people track events around them using video.
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Hi, I'm a student filmmaker who's new to these forums. I've been making shitty little short videos for two years, but at the end of the last school year I worked with a production theater next to my school to make this sketch. And I'm just looking for opinions on it.

When I watch it, my only change would be to add more jokes. The video is basically one long joke, but if I could change it I would add more jokes in general. But yeah, thank you for any criticism or whatnot!


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