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Once a Week online film festival is a weekly showcase of short indie films under 20 minutes. All films showcased come directly from submissions. Every Wednesday at 9pm eastern time the highest rated film will be shown on the homepage and will remain for an entire week. Each selected film will stay on the channel forever and as the festival grows will receive more and more views. Any genre accepted, no completion date, ongoing submissions. For more information on how to submit or to watch a few films please visit.

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i am a totally newbie to video creation so i am probably going to post some basic questions that however i can't figure out myself.

I make simple videos with imovie. The problem is that the quality when i upload it to youtube and to my site is very low.

check it out

Can someone suggest me why?


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I am attempting to launch my website, the ultimate fantasy sports website where users can play each other daily for cash prizes. I wanted to make a video similar their main page). The website will be in beta testing soon, and I would like to attract users to sign up before me site launches. Basically I want to make them feel as if my website is the ultimate fantasy sports website that they need to use our services and reserve their username on my website once it's live.

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Hi all,

I'm a newbe and need help PLS. I have a .wmv 320 X240 (1454 kbps) 6 minute long video clip. I have used Vegas Pro 9 to edit this video. Now I need to render it for YouTube. Can I/should Ichange the format in my project ? How and what format should I use for a good quality clip and how ? Thank you in advance.

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I create podcasts whenever I have something important to say. I gathered a small fanbase already. But I also want to make money with it. I got an email from youtube that I now get a share of adsense revenue there. But my podcasts are audio only. Which quick but at the same time eye-candy ways to create a video around audio can you come up with?

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Hi, my name is Andrew Chandler.. I run aYouTube channelcalled "AccuracyFilms" and enjoy making any kind of short film that comes my way, but my main focus is action.. Please subscribe to my channel if you have an account with YouTube and support me by watching my videos... Tell me what you think!!

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