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You can make the best videos on the Internet, but if your audience consists of only friends and your family, you’re not selling yourself as well as you could. Being a great video producer requires more than creating an awesome video. Nowadays, it requires some online marketing savvy to get your message heard and your video seen. This report will teach you how to grow your subscriber base and earn income through your YouTube channel.

YouTube Founders release Vine competitor “MixBit”

MixBit Video App from the founders of YouTube
Vine and Instagram accelerated to instant celebrity status with smartphone sharing similar to YouTube's ascent, when it first blasted the video sharing world. The YouTube founders are going for a double play with a new smartphone video app competitor - MixBit. It as the pedigree, does it have the chops?

YouTube Gets 100 Hours of Video Per Minute

Logo of YouTube - a red box surrounds "Tube" - like an old television screen
It is amazing how much video is being produced right now. YouTube is a huge reason that people are so willing to upload content, and yes, there should be the distinction between uploading and shooting, in fact I will often shoot video and not upload to YouTube. If you're like me, then you're adding to the countless amounts of video that are being shot right now, but look at the 100 uploading hours of video, stop, and think of how many are productions (certainly not all of them), and many are music videos, in fact all but one of the 30 most viewed YouTube videos of all time are music videos, as of today (May 21, 2013).
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I am struggling again with Youtube. I uploaded several videos. They look good the first time i watch them. However, sometimes if i watch them on other computers or other places (office vs home) the quality changes dramatically. It seems that Youtube degrades the quality on purpose.

Any ideas why this happens?



Toy Story's Story Retold

Toy cowboy and space ranger pose in front of a Pixar entrance

Why would you recreate Toy Story? The creators of the Live Action Toy Story released a full-length Q & A uploaded yesterday, letting many ask, "What was your inspiration?" This really is an important question for anyone attempting to do a recreation or reenactment.

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i have a very newbie question... and i hope you can help me out.


I shoot a 7 miutes video in 1080p. I then edited in screenflow. I exported at the highest resolution and i ended up with a 10Gb file.


Then i compressed it using compressor, using the H264 codec. The aspect ration remained the same. Although the final video looks pretty well on my computer, when i upload it to Youtube the quality is much poorer if i watch it on Iphone or Ipad. 


Here you can have a look


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We all love to make video, right? Either as a hobby for fun, a business for income or a documentary for a cause. But once you're finished with your masterpiece, it's not finished until someone views it. So how do you get your audience?

There are many places to share your video, do you use YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or something else? Are there any tips you would like to share to make the process easier for those who are new to the video sharing game? What are the methods you use to get your message out there for all to see?

Please let us know.


5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video.

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video

YouTube is the most popular online video platform for video makers and video watchers. This video-networking site receives over 800 million unique users each month and has become the second largest search engine, right below Google itself. The video watching audience (3 billion hours each month) is growing and so are the number videos uploaded every hour, minute and second.


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