Superman with a GoPro...need we say more?

Superman GoPro Video Screenshot

Look! Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its Superman with a GoPro! VFX Masterminds Sam and Niko of CorridorDigital dream up an average day for the Man of Steel as he journeys to return a lost GoPro.

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Just wanted to share my newest blog post about YouTube URL Modifiers - An easy way to make your embeds look sweeeeet!

Have a read and let me know if you have any suggestions...


Thanks :)

Free Music Library From YouTube - No Strings Attached

YouTube Audio Library
If you've ever used a popular song on your YouTube video that was copyrighted, you might have received a take-down notice, or your video might have sudenly disappeared from YouTube's page. You want to use music legally, it enhances your video, and now you can. YouTube announced the launch of the Youtube Audio Library, allowing users to edit royalty free music into their videos - free of charge.


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