New ZOOM F8 Field Recorder Packed with Features to Empower Filmmakers

In the field recording becomes professional with ZOOM's F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder

There are those who think that all you need to get audio is a decent microphone, but ask anyone who has recorded on location and they’ll tell you that “in the field" recordings are fraught with problems. In steps the ZOOM F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder to alleviate field recording woes with a solid performance backed up by a slew of technologies and a simplified menu optimized for quick access.

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Hi everyone! I have a question, whenever I plug an xlr mic into my Canon MA-300, which is attached to my Canon GL-2. I get only one channel of audio. The same thing happens when I plug my Zoom H2 (via line out) to my GL-2. Is this the norm or am I doing something wrong. I have scoured the GL-2 Manual and cant seem to get a good answer.

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I have been asked (very last minute) to record my works conference. The conference will be for about 150 people and will have a person talking on a stage doing a presentation. They will have a microphone which will broadcast to the room (so everyone can hear). I'm not sure if it will be wireless or not. Will I be able to tap in to this microphones sound so that the video camera can record it clearly? I've been put in the deep end a little bit with this and it's very last minute.

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Hello, in the next few weeks I am going to be helping my friends record a ska cover of Roxanne by The Police and later create a music video for it. While doing soundchecks and tests the other night, we ran into a small problem with the microphone; but first let me describe to you our unique way of getting the sound into the computer.

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I got a wedding on saturday for a friend, first one i will ever do, and it might become more of a business than a hobby with the word of mouth going around. When i plan on doing interviews, i want the person to be able to talk into my sm58 for clear and crisp audio. My camcorder (Canon hf m30) has a 1/8" mic input. So questions...

If i get a 1/8" M to xlr F cable, does it matter if the 1/8 is in stereo or mono. I've read people complain of hissing and such.

Is there gonna be an impedence mismatch, i realize the mic is Low-z, but can the camera do Hi and Low z?

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I'm new to this camera, but I really feel like an idiot asking this question. Everything Panasonic prints says that the XLR inputs are Line/Mic selectable (for 0 db or -50/-60 db). The leftmost audio switches on the side, from what I can tell, simply switch the source of channel 1 and 2, and the right two switches turn on/off +48V phantom power.

Where in the heck do you select Line or Mic level input?

All the manuals imply this is an obvious thing, but I plead total ignorance here.

Can somebody steer me in the right direction?



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I was curious if anyone has used the panasonic Ag HMC70U.

Almost everyweek someone onthese forumsasks what camera to buy and I ran across this unit on B&H (link below). It has tapeless workflow, 3CCD, and XLR inputs all for $1695.00which is a lot of what people are looking for so I was curious what people thought about it.


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