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I'm thinking of taking the Capture Cinematic Weddings workshop series.  It's taught by Ray Roman, I checked him out and he seems legit, but I was wondering if anybody's taken his classes or can tell if they recommend him?


Does anyone know anything about his workshops? are they worthwhile?  It seems interesting, but I just want someone's opinion that's more familiar with him.


Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots
When I'm on a shoot, I constantly think about what tool can take a camera shot from ordinary to extraordinary. There are some really great camera accessories out there that can help you achieve that exact goal. Who doesn't want to glide along the dolly track for that smooth shot, or throw on that stabilizer and get a great follow shot? Many times, just keeping your shot steady on a tripod can separate a beginner from a pro. However, relying too heavily on the tools in your arsenal can actually restrict your options.
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Two Courses in One Day:

Morning Session - Course 103: "Mastering Film

Afternoon Session - Course 204: "From Script To

Sunday, August 29, 2010 9:00am - 6:00pm

Raleigh Studios - Chaplin Theater Los Angeles, CA

For more information and to register, please visit:

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Hi everybody!

For those of you that are in or around New York - we'll be having our annual viral video seminar at New York University (NYU). The outcome of the last seminar was the "JK Divorce Entrance Dance" which got over 7 million views on YouTube and the title of #1 Funny Video of 2009 from Yahoo! Videos (Also #2 viral video)

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Sorry I didn't think of posting here before the workshop but I put in a couple plugs for Videomaker on the 3rd day when they were doing the editing. This was Vincent Laforet doing a 3-day live workshop on HDDSLR Cinema in Seattle broadcastlive and interactive online by creativeLIVE. They're talking about doing other video classes/workshops in the future soit would be well worth your while to check out their site.

Workshop Preps and the December Issue

Workshop Preps and the December Issue
Hard to believe, but we just shipped the December issue off to the printers. This has been a busy week at Videomaker Headquarters, we're also getting ready for another terrific workshop this weekend. We've been getting all the gear together for the two upcoming workshops: Basic Production and Intensive Lighting. It's going to be another full house at VMHQ!
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I'm new to the video editing world and was wondering if anyone knows if there is any software training or workshops for Sony Vegas Pro 8? I live in Oklahoma and i'm looking to find someone local or even in the state to give some hands on training. Anyone know of a source? Thanks.

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Fellow Filmmakers,

No Budget Film School will be happening again in LA on May 30 & 31,
2009. I missed it last time and was really bummed, so I wanted to
announce it here.

It's a two-day weekend seminar that teaches the craft of making a solid
feature film with virtually no budget. I've taken a shorter version of
the course and it was awesome. Plus, during the weekend version, there
are some really accomplished filmmakers who have made successful no
budget films.


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