Sony's New Line of Professional Hard Disk Arrays Brings Portability to the 4K Post-production Workflow

Sony annunces professional RAID line of portable hard disk arrays

Sony has announced a new line of professional portable hard disc arrays with the PSZ-RA4T and the PSZ-RA6T. Designed to move around 4K UHD video content, both models feature a built-in carrying handle to add to the portability factor, making them useful for video productions taking place in the field or on location as well as for situations where use of such drives provide greater stability and safety amidst harsh working conditions.

Pegasus2 R2+ Wins Best Storage Device at NAB 2015

2-bay hard drive enclosure
The Pegasus2 R2+ is designed to bring data together from Thunderbolt-connected devices, Windows computers, and through USB 3.0. The hot swappable 2-bay enclosure gives versatility or added protection by supporting RAID 0 and RAID 1. The Pegasus2 R2+ is the Best Storage Device at NAB 2015.

Lexar Professional Workflow HR2 Adds Options

A man holds an award next to a product banner
When working with video, devices that actually make a job easier are valuable, and the Lexar Professional Workflow HR2 is one of those products. The Lexar Professional Workflow HR2 added a triple microSD UHS-I option in September 2014 for transfers of up to 12 cards at once.
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Just wanted to invite some additions to my ‘Videography apps’ blog post.

This is something I really would love to have read when I started out as a videographer and I am very keen to make it as useful as possible.

Anything that I am missing or forgetting?


Have a read...

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i have a question regarding workflow. In a course about video marketing, the guy presenting the course said that the conversion which is built in editing softwares sucha s imovie and screenflow is not that great.


Therefore, he suggested to export the final edits in the highest possible resolution and then convert them using other softwares. He suggested using handbreak.


I exported a movie using the lossless option, and the movie is about 2 Gb in size. It's pretty big to upload to handbrake.


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I am partnering with another editor and am not familiar with Final Cut Pro 7. We use one 20 minute low res clip for our project. We set up a sequence that matched the video - cut it up as our new project. Now we want to replace that 20 minute low res original clip with our high res 20 minute clip (identical content). We are having trouble trying to figure this out. We tried to disconnect the media and reconnect it with our new one and that worked fine. The problem is that the sequence does not match the new high res video. Our new footage is 1280 x 1080. Any suggestions?

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow
Prioritizing your edit workflow is extremely important to ensure that the project you submit is one you're proud of. The real trick, is learning the difference between the quick touches that make big differences, and the time-consuming touches that casual viewers aren't even likely to notice.
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Hello out there!

My name is Ben and I want to get a better understanding of how video professionals use transcripts in their workflow. I work for a small family owned transcription company called Word Wizards and I want to know more about how the pros, and "joes", really use transcripts. Here is my current understanding of the most common application for using transcripts in film making.


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