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Hi I was shooting a wedding with my Canon 5D Mark II and Rode Videomic Pro. After, when I was going through my video there wasn't any audio playback. After checking my camera the audio somehow was disabled. Is there any way to recover the audio? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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I'm thinking of taking the Capture Cinematic Weddings workshop series.  It's taught by Ray Roman, I checked him out and he seems legit, but I was wondering if anybody's taken his classes or can tell if they recommend him?


Does anyone know anything about his workshops? are they worthwhile?  It seems interesting, but I just want someone's opinion that's more familiar with him.


Canon and Zacuto DSLR Kit Giveaway Winner Announcement

Man with camera and support gear
Today we're pleased to announce that wedding and event videographer, Dustin Long, is the winner and new owner of a DSLR kit that is great for shooting on the run. He'll be upgrading his camera support as well which will allow for more unique shots.
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Hello everyone! 


Id id like to have the "World Wide Web" critique this wedding video. Please be completely honest and give both any pros/cons to the video as we'll as recommendations on what you would like to see different. Also please rate the video for me on a 1-10 scale (10 being the best). I would welcome reviews from anyone!



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