Marshall Releases 5.6" Modular Field Monitor

Marshall Releases 5.6" Modular Field Monitor
Having an external field monitor is extremely handy, especially if your director and camera operator are two different people. However, one of the benefits that is often overlooked by beginning videographers is the ability get picture analysis that doesn't exist in-camera. While having a larger screen that makes collaborating with others easier is definitely a big draw, one shouldn't overlook the simple advantage of being able to find flaws in your shots. Marshall's new V-LCD56MD field monitor gives you an array of tools to help you get the best shot possible. Additionally, it's modular, meaning you can add components to make it useful for a variety of cameras and shooting scenarios.
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I posted this under "Industry News", since, it's sure to create a major impact in our industry ;) Shoes with color bars on them, finally:


And collect the whole set of Vectorscope Slippers, Waveform Boots and Color Bar High Tops... just kidding.

The only question is, "Are they Full HD?"


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Hi all: hope this isn't a repeat question. I have a Panasonic AG-HMC150 that records to AVCHD. With a review of the file in the camera I can hear the sound and see the video. Once I load it into Pro ver. 5.0.2 I can see the video, see the waveform, see the bars going up and down but do not hear anything from my speakers. My speakers work on everything else so I know it's not that. I've played w/ all the settings in Edit>Preferences, but to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.CS5

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Exported 5 sequences last week to .wmv and now edits need to be done. When I open the sequences I exported, the audio time-line does not display the waveform that was there prior and no sound is heard. I do not believe this is an export setting that caused this as it is the same export settings I've always used in the past for .wmv files.

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