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YouTube Gets 100 Hours of Video Per Minute

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It is amazing how much video is being produced right now. YouTube is a huge reason that people are so willing to upload content, and yes, there should be the distinction between uploading and shooting, in fact I will often shoot video and not upload to YouTube. If you're like me, then you're adding to the countless amounts of video that are being shot right now, but look at the 100 uploading hours of video, stop, and think of how many are productions (certainly not all of them), and many are music videos, in fact all but one of the 30 most viewed YouTube videos of all time are music videos, as of today (May 21, 2013).
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I have sony vegas pro and would like to take a video that is 720x480 and make it 400x180. But in doing so take only some of the video , so in effect cropping it horizontally. And when it is rendered to new video type, then it wont have black edges etc around video.

can this be done and if so how??


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Does any body know if there is a way to make the crop tool in sony vegas pro 9 normal? it is doing everything in reverse as if you are controlling the monitor instead of the video. does anybody know if there is a way to set it so that the crop and pan tool is controlling the video, so that when you move the box left, the video doesn't go to the right?

The 2008 campaign in viral video

The 2008 campaign in viral video
JibJab has been a rite of passage for political campaigns (particularly presidential politics) for years, but there's a lot of recent talk about the effect of Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin generating some of the highest ratings that Saturday Night Live has had in years...
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