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Vimeo's Brand Creative Fund Wants to Help You Land Paid Gigs

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Vimeo recently announced it's new initiative, the Vimeo Brand Creative Fund, which aims to match major brands with creative individuals from the Vimeo community. We spoke with Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor to get the the details about what this means to filmmakers and videographers.

Vimeo adds Creative Commons licensing

Vimeo adds Creative Commons licensing
Vimeo is now offering Creative Commons licensing options for its members. Creative Commons licensing helps artists to define the specific usage rights that allow others to use, perform, distribute, and make derivative works from their original works. With an easy selection of one of six free Creative Commons licenses, artists can retain their copyright while choosing to allow others to use their work given proper credit and maintenance of simple conditions specified in the Creative Commons agreement.

"Beyond the Still" - Video Contest

Vicent Laforet, Canon and Vimeo recently announced a unique video contest to be shot exclusively with DSLRs. The concept is unique, take a still image from the previous film and come up with your own interpretation. This contest is totally worth it considering the prizes involved...