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We're re-launching with a complete re-design very soon, but before we do, we'd like you all to have a chance to take a look and let us know what you think. Here's the information you'll need:
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Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots
When I'm on a shoot, I constantly think about what tool can take a camera shot from ordinary to extraordinary. There are some really great camera accessories out there that can help you achieve that exact goal. Who doesn't want to glide along the dolly track for that smooth shot, or throw on that stabilizer and get a great follow shot? Many times, just keeping your shot steady on a tripod can separate a beginner from a pro. However, relying too heavily on the tools in your arsenal can actually restrict your options.
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Well if you read my ramblings you know I bought Corel VideoStudio X5 Ultimate and I am well please yet surprised by this version. As I was in the "Do More" menu I came across a tab I did not see in previous versions. I saw a "Learn More" tab and when I clicked it guess what, Videomaker magazine offer was there with a direct link to I thought it was cool, and I hope to continue to see it in future releases.


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