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For all those who have been a part of our Advanced Editing webinar recently or in the past, we felt it might be a good idea to post the links that we give in the webinar for all to enjoy here. I'll try to be as descriptive with the links as possible by putting them into categories.

Editing Techniques

Videomaker's Learn and Loot Sweepstakes Winner Annnounced

Man in a crosswalk with a camera
The Learn and Loot Sweepstakes is over, and Tim Maner is getting a great opportunity to learn and loot Videomaker. Tim will get Videomaker Magazine for three years and we looted the studio and have a production bag’s worth of goodies to send.

Videomaker’s Learn and Loot Sweepstakes

Videomaker shirt and magazines
You’re looking to get better at video production, and you found Videomaker. We know that it’s sometimes the little things that make production much easier and better executed. Videomaker has had few opportunities to make a more hands-on impact on your productions, but by simply sharing your email address, you could win Videomaker’s Learn and Loot Sweepstakes.
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I am curious to know if anyone is familiar with the line of instructional DVD's that VideoMaker sells on their site.

I am curious to know about the quality and the information contained in the DVD's. Is there anything in these that can't be found on the internet.

The DVD's I am thinking about purchasing are the Documentary Storytelling and Documentary Fundraising. I was about to buy them, but I wanted to find out what fans of these forums might think.

Any advice, comments, suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated.

CES 2014 Spotlight Award: Dell 28 Ultra HD (4K) Monitor

large colorful display with a Toucan

The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor is a 4k monitor for $700. This is what many videographers and video editors have been waiting for, 3840x2160 resolution for the early adopters of 4k cameras. Features on the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor will help many users, including the ability to pivot to portrait mode and connect mobile devices.

Our Editors on the CES 2014 Show Floor

our magazines, business cards, headphones, camera and gear for CES

The gear to find gear. Here's what our editors took on the plane to Las Vegas. Videomaker readers (that's you) will find the CES 2014 products that pertain to video right here. All thanks to our team covering the show.


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