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CES 2014 Spotlight Award: Dell 28 Ultra HD (4K) Monitor

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The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor is a 4k monitor for $700. This is what many videographers and video editors have been waiting for, 3840x2160 resolution for the early adopters of 4k cameras. Features on the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor will help many users, including the ability to pivot to portrait mode and connect mobile devices.

Our Editors on the CES 2014 Show Floor

our magazines, business cards, headphones, camera and gear for CES

The gear to find gear. Here's what our editors took on the plane to Las Vegas. Videomaker readers (that's you) will find the CES 2014 products that pertain to video right here. All thanks to our team covering the show.

OMPT is Making a Difference Using Video Equipment and Expertise

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Technology is a powerful tool with the potential to be used for noble or nefarious purposes. At One Media Player per Teacher (OMPT), video enthusiasm unites with the desire to help society. OMPT, a non-profit organization, uses video technology to create positive social transformation in underserved communities.