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My husband and I have been photographers for over 6 years and in that time met Micah Brown, an Emmy award winning filmmaker. That said, I wanted to let others know that he is now taking people's questions between now and this Thursday, October 11th, at midnight. It's a great way to ask questions about software, workflow, equipment, how he finds jobs...


Here's the site:


Hope you find this helpful!

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Hey guys, 


My company is doing a tour around the US, going to libraries and talking to kids about a new app. I'm the videographer so I'm filming most of the library visits, I'm a little fuzzy on the particulars because some people say you can use the footage some people can't, so if anyone is familiar with this situation please chime in. 


 Can I use the footage of the kids interacting with the app in future videos; probably a trailer to show other libraries what we're doing, a potential marketing video on a site down the road, etc...? 


Free Report: Choosing the Right Camera

We live in an amazing time for video producers of all sorts and sizes. A short while ago, quality video production was possible for the few with very deep pockets. Today, affordable options abound, with a plethora of camera choices, as well as lighting and audio equipment, editing software and hardware, and training opportunities.

Follow Focus Revisited: Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado

Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado
Follow focus use for DSLR videography opened up new ways for videographers to hone their skills through creative shots, but often at a cost of large cumbersome rail systems. Zacuto releases a new design for the standard follow focus that users will want to take for a ride.
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Just wanted to invite some additions to my ‘Videography apps’ blog post.

This is something I really would love to have read when I started out as a videographer and I am very keen to make it as useful as possible.

Anything that I am missing or forgetting?


Have a read...

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I fly RC helicopters with a camera attached to get great shots from the air (without the limitations of jibs and sliders). I've been working the helicopters for over a year, and started putting together my own videos 3 months ago- FCP and Adobe Suite. Please check them out and tell me what you think!

If you really liked them, subscribe to my Youtube page!

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I do aerial videography using RC helicopters, I made my first video 3 months ago. Please check out my recent works and tell me what you think:

and if you really like them, subscribe to me! :D (edited with FCP and Adobe Suite)

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Hello Video Universe!

A friend and I (both videographers) have started a semi-animated webshow (called Hurry Up And Wait) about two freelance videographers. We set out to make something both funny to those exposed to the video/film business and to the public at large. We've made three episodes so far (which can be seen here) and wanted to see what people in the community think. I encourage any and all feedback, and hope you all enjoy it!


Kevin J. Harrington

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground
Or on the ground in this case. Paul Jackson is has introduced a new product on Kickstarter he's calling the ZipShooter. It's looks kind of like a mini-tripod with wheels, but in this case, the legs are jointed, and the ball -head is reversible, and able to hang from underneath the dolly (or maybe it's the legs that bend backwards. These types of surface dollies are nothing terribly new, but the versatility of this device looks extremely useful.


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