Cloud Storage - Are You Waiting for a Rainy Day?

Photo of the Earth with cloud spiral

Are you relying only on the Cloud to save your precious memories? Cloud storage is wonderful; you don't mess with cables, computers, tapes or optical discs that could fail without warning - but where IS the Cloud? It's not really "up there", it's stored in thousands of servers around the world, and at any moment, any one of them could fail.

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Hi everyone,

I am doing some videos (mainly talking head and interview type videos) and am not satisfied with the current light output. Currently, I use a setup of 110 watt fluorescent bulbs for the key and fill light and a 45 watt for the backlight. This isn't enough light for my needs.

What recommendations do you guys have who make videos?

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Hey everyone,
I've been away from the forums for quite a while starting a new antique business but I am back!

I wanted to share one of my new videos that I got a chance to put together for Canada's Culture Days in September 2012.

The plan was 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film and get a hands on experience on how to produce a video. Unfortunately the event I organized no one showed up to! So instead of having live actors to work with and people to brainstorm to write a script, I ended up calling up a friend to use her store to create a film. We sat down and took 3 hours to write out some shot ideas and a VERY rough outline and decided to just shot as we went along. The final product turned out much better than I had planned and I hope you enjoy!


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