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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Contiki can help you do more, see more and make every second count while you’re young.

Contiki’s ultimate goal is to provide young travelers with new perspectives, lifelong memories, self-discovery, and an education beyond books and theory.

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Hey everyone,
I've been away from the forums for quite a while starting a new antique business but I am back!

I wanted to share one of my new videos that I got a chance to put together for Canada's Culture Days in September 2012.

The plan was 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film and get a hands on experience on how to produce a video. Unfortunately the event I organized no one showed up to! So instead of having live actors to work with and people to brainstorm to write a script, I ended up calling up a friend to use her store to create a film. We sat down and took 3 hours to write out some shot ideas and a VERY rough outline and decided to just shot as we went along. The final product turned out much better than I had planned and I hope you enjoy!

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Hey guys, i'm getting into photography/videography and am looking at some dslr's. I will mainly use it for downhill skateboarding, which in short is people go down big hills on skateboards (longboards) at very high speeds. I've been to around 42mph and i need something that will take stationary pictures of my freinds going by me while im standing on the side of the road. We wear full face helmets, gloves, knee pads, etc. and aren't just crazy teenagers. I'm leaning towards the nikon, and i have heard the canon T3 feels "cheap" in the plastic sense.

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The GH2 is an awesome camera, really awesome once you hack it. The only problem is the lack of custom made accessories for its form factor.

A few months ago I was looking to gear up my GH2 with a nice follow focus rig for shooting video, and if anyone else out there has done the same thing, you've probably realized that there aren't quite as many options as there are for the canons.

(or even the nikons for that matter)

But I did come across something really nice -

the SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Standard Panasonic GH2 from IDC.

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i found this video on the web and i really love the way it looks


i wonder what type of camera this guy used. Can you help me?


The thing that i love the most is the blurred background.


How can i achieve it?





Nikon Announces D600 Full-Frame DSLR

D600 Full-Frame DSLR
A new contender enters the arena! Nikon announced the D600 DSLR last night, featuring a full-frame FX sensor. This camera appears to be a viable alternative to the D800 for those looking to save a few hundred dollars. The D600 will shoot up to 30p AVC footage at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The camera's audio capabilities are equally impressive.
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I fly RC helicopters with a camera attached to get great shots from the air (without the limitations of jibs and sliders). I've been working the helicopters for over a year, and started putting together my own videos 3 months ago- FCP and Adobe Suite. Please check them out and tell me what you think!

If you really liked them, subscribe to my Youtube page!


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