Top 10 Best Vine Videos

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Vine videos are taking the art of making videos on a small scale by storm. Six seconds and no editing, a challenge every video hobbyist, enthusiast and pro should try at least once. We scoured the internet to find the best examples of well-done Vines. Although our picks don't use much time, they use their time well.
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Hi people,

that project is all written in Italian but I can explain here all about it. It is a video crowdsourcing project attended to talk about the importance that human hands still has nowadays. Shoot your own hands, or someone else's, doing anything meaningful or just a piece everyday's life. Then just say why hands are still important in your life (or just write it in the sending - form)  It's really easy, we just need a couple of minutes of shooting.

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I constantly get questions about 'what resolution did I shoot at' or 'what camera did I use to make my films?' When I tell people I use a combo of a 720p Broadcast Quality camera, point-n-shoot digital cameras and sports cameras I get the 'you didn't use a high-end camera?' look.

YouTube Founders release Vine competitor “MixBit”

MixBit Video App from the founders of YouTube
Vine and Instagram accelerated to instant celebrity status with smartphone sharing similar to YouTube's ascent, when it first blasted the video sharing world. The YouTube founders are going for a double play with a new smartphone video app competitor - MixBit. It as the pedigree, does it have the chops?

OMPT is Making a Difference Using Video Equipment and Expertise

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Technology is a powerful tool with the potential to be used for noble or nefarious purposes. At One Media Player per Teacher (OMPT), video enthusiasm unites with the desire to help society. OMPT, a non-profit organization, uses video technology to create positive social transformation in underserved communities.


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