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I have been searching for some time now without success on something I am missing to make my set-up work right.  I am doing video depositions.  Here's my set-up and what exactly is not working for me.


Camera: Canon XA10.  I am using the HDMI output

Blackmagic Intensity Extreme into Macbook Pro


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Hi, i'm a musician and trying to learn dslr video. After purchasing my rebel t5i recently, I shot my first music video and edited. I thought my musician friend had a great song and we wanted to shoot an amateur clip.

I'm just getting into the dslr video and don't know too much as far as cameras and lenses. i decided to signed up here to get feedback and to look for tips to get better. could you guys take some minutes to watch my video and tell me how good or bad i'm doing?

My first music video (I am not the musician):


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