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Hi all,

I'd like to ask your knowledge and advice here.

I shoot some travel videos, and recently found that some of my, as well as dozens of other's, videos were swiped on youtube by some scheister, who then re-edited them, threw his own name over them and re-uploaded them as his own.

 It takes someone with a lower double-digit IQ (not to mention a real pair of brass ones) to do that and upload them next to the same person you just ripped off - and think nobody is going to notice or care. Needless to say enough people complained that his account was killed.

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I work for a video production that is just starting up in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We are trying to figure out how things work with using copyrighted music in our videos.


I have heard that you can contact the record label and purchase the rights but it seems pretty unefficent to have to do that for each song.


Is there a license that we can purchase to be able to use copyrighted music in our videos?

Any help in figuring this out is much appreciated!

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8 months in the making with 80+ locations this thing felt like it would never be finished at points but here it is finally.
Would love to hear any comments or feedback.
Hope you enjoy :-)
Also if you like the tune you can download for free, link in video description.
Tonight - (Official Video)

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I made this video this week just to challenge myself to try and make it look real. Would love your thoughts on it. A girl who misses the way Justin Bieber used to be takes matters into her own hands...




If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel too if it's easy! 

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I have been searching for some time now without success on something I am missing to make my set-up work right.  I am doing video depositions.  Here's my set-up and what exactly is not working for me.


Camera: Canon XA10.  I am using the HDMI output

Blackmagic Intensity Extreme into Macbook Pro


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Hi, i'm a musician and trying to learn dslr video. After purchasing my rebel t5i recently, I shot my first music video and edited. I thought my musician friend had a great song and we wanted to shoot an amateur clip.

I'm just getting into the dslr video and don't know too much as far as cameras and lenses. i decided to signed up here to get feedback and to look for tips to get better. could you guys take some minutes to watch my video and tell me how good or bad i'm doing?


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