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Award winning full-service video production company located in Westminster, MD with over ten years of experience in areas such as documentaries, narrative films, TV, commercials, and educational/corporate videos. We have all of our own equipment including Panasonic SD and HD cameras, Sony HD cameras, full editing suite, and full lighting kits. Visit us at to learn more about us and check out some of our work. Feel free to reach us at

Owner/Director of Photography/Senior Editor - Jeff Fritz

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So I'm looking to buy a new computer and editing platform. I'm currently using an older version of Adobe premiere. Anyways, my budget is about $3,500 - $4,000 and I currently get student discounts on either Final Cut Studio 2 or Adobe CS4. Should I go Mac or PC? Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Let me first admit to being totally ignorant about professional filming despite the fact I have, whether by dumb luck or divine providence or both, managed to get decent preliminary work done on the project below. Using a Sony TRV-140 handycam. I'm here because despite my luck, even I can see the shortcomings of my current camera and it wouldn't be fit for commercialization of the final product.

I will try to give as complete information below as possible without taxing your patience with too much text.

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Where can I buy a 4 channel video mixer, preferably that can do some basic fades and wipes, and possibly overlays. It doesnt need to have high quality inputs. BNC, composite, or S-video inputs are preffered. Thanks!

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Some time ago there was a list of video hosting sites like youtube published in Video maker. I need to find a site that my company can use to publish weekly project updates that will be secured from the general public but still accesible by our management form just about any internet connection. Anybody have a suggestion?

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I have a slowly dying Videonics switcher, and would like to use a spare Vista machine as a switcher/recorder.

I have three cameras fed into the switcher via s-video to tape live events and church services. Audio is run from a mixer board. What I'm thinking of doing is putting three or four PCI tv tuner cards into the PC -- but i'm not sure if one PC can handle that many.


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