it's Time to Study!

it's Time to Study!
I've often been asked what my opinion is on the best material to look at critically when learning about video. So I thought that I'd pose the question to all of you out there & see what you guys think? For myself, the best possible video to learn from are commercials. They are direct, tell the story in a very short amount of time and are the best example of the "shoot to edit" technique.
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Hi all, I recently bought a JVC GY-HD110u for my primary camera and already have a Canon HF10 AVCHD camera that will be used mostly for wide shots and b-roll. My question is: now that my main camera is running tape, I am considering selling the canon to buy maybe an hv30 or some other consumer grade HDV format camera so that I don't have to pull the monster JVC out every time I need to capture. Would this be a reasonable move or would I be better off keeping the HF10 and buying a MiniDV VCR that I can use for capture?

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This is a great tutorial for VFX artists and filmmakers that want to turn their day light footage into a night scene.

Day To Night

In this tutorial, Nick takes a photo of a streetscape during the day and turns it into a night scene. He takes us through the steps of darkening and colouring the image to look like night, and then creates a light source to turn the street lamps on as well as giving the light a fall-off on the road below.

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