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Auction ends Monday March 16 at 11 pm EST! Act now!

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With my previous video editor, VideoWave 4,I could create separate libraries for each project I opened. This would group all my clips in a library specifically for that project. I could load selected libraries as required.

With Video Studio 11, I seem to only have the choice of one library.

If I create a new project,say Project1, and build up a library with various video clips and save it then close the project. If I open Project1 the library is still there. That's OK.

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I've noticed over the last 10 years the production industry has undergone a significant upheaval. Prior to the middle '90's, if you wanted to work in the production industry you had to work for an established house, a network or affiliate, or go into major debt to start your own company. Since '96, the technology changed with the advent of DV, MiniDV, the breaking of AVID/Apple's stranglehold on Non-linear Editing and the perfection of the Sony Handycam.

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I need a cheap 4 channel video mixer. It needs to have composite connections preferable, or BNC. I need one for around or under $800. I prefer it have a slide bar, and needs to do basic fading and mixing. Thanks for any help!

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I am going crazy here. I am pinned to the floor!

I think I put myself not only the bleeding edge of software technology- but on its very sharp sword tip!

Pulling the blade out of its sheath
Bought a Canon HF100 - Loved the camera - size, picture, quality - extra features - no tape required! (Wow)

Running my finger across the blade
Got a nasty cut - when I found out my editing software (Avid Liquid 7.2) would not edit AVCHD format.

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Award winning full-service video production company located in Westminster, MD with over ten years of experience in areas such as documentaries, narrative films, TV, commercials, and educational/corporate videos. We have all of our own equipment including Panasonic SD and HD cameras, Sony HD cameras, full editing suite, and full lighting kits. Visit us at to learn more about us and check out some of our work. Feel free to reach us at

Owner/Director of Photography/Senior Editor - Jeff Fritz


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