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OWC is searching for any and all video enthusiasts to create a video commercial. In 30 to 60 seconds, show the world why everything is possible with OWC and how OWC upgrades and solutions can transform a creative professional's approach to their craft. Submit your video for a chance to win a Grand Prize Package worth over $12,000!

The submission deadline is June 30. Please visit for more info!

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Upload a video or photo that shows how you would build your own bank for a chance to win $5,000. Are there new products, services or features you’d like to see? Get creative and don’t be afraid to think big and out of the box! Show us what it would take for you to truly love your banking experience.


How to Enter

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Recently, I visited a music festival in Bulgaria and recording shows  with my digital camera Canon PowerShot  A495. I made about 30 video clips and only 15 can be accessible. It happened in about 50% cases during recording that camera abruptly stop recording with black screen,  and the video clips weren’t  finalized. Those videos can’t be seen on SD. Others videos which fortunately finalized can bee seen on SD card and be able to transfer  from SD card to computer.

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Hi. Please help. I so want to learn how this is done. I have asked but of course the person will not divulge. I asked in other forums and got ignored. here is the link to the cool video I would like to learn what program is this made in? I mean, for the spray part.  Thank you so much.

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I'm selling my hmc40, it has low hours and is in excellent condition. The extras include an Opteka fisheye, Audio technica condenser microphone, tripod, and a Panasonic 8gb sdhc card. It also comes with all the original accessories which are the HMC handbook, remote, battery charger/ adapter, rca cables, etc. I recently upgraded to DSLR so I no longer need this and I want to see it get used rather than collect dust. Asking $1,000 for everything, email me if interested.

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Today I signed up to this forum to ask you something. In the video (see link ^) there's an effect that disturbs the video. It distorts for 2 or 3 frames horizontally, you see another image for a couple of frames. I don't know what kind of effect that is. Do you guys know what the name is of this effect and if it's possible in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (CS6)?


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I am seeking advice, I know it is a tired conversation.


I own a Canon XL2 and two Sony HDR XR160's.


All I do is record training videos for my company. The videos are nothing special, just in the office. I do use good lighting and no fancy shots. I edit with Sony Vegas Pro (13). All videos are viewed on the Internet. 


THE QUESTON IS - CAN I USE THECANON XL2 and is it a viable camera in todays HD world.



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