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I'm selling my hmc40, it has low hours and is in excellent condition. The extras include an Opteka fisheye, Audio technica condenser microphone, tripod, and a Panasonic 8gb sdhc card. It also comes with all the original accessories which are the HMC handbook, remote, battery charger/ adapter, rca cables, etc. I recently upgraded to DSLR so I no longer need this and I want to see it get used rather than collect dust. Asking $1,000 for everything, email me if interested.

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Today I signed up to this forum to ask you something. In the video (see link ^) there's an effect that disturbs the video. It distorts for 2 or 3 frames horizontally, you see another image for a couple of frames. I don't know what kind of effect that is. Do you guys know what the name is of this effect and if it's possible in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (CS6)?


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I am seeking advice, I know it is a tired conversation.


I own a Canon XL2 and two Sony HDR XR160's.


All I do is record training videos for my company. The videos are nothing special, just in the office. I do use good lighting and no fancy shots. I edit with Sony Vegas Pro (13). All videos are viewed on the Internet. 


THE QUESTON IS - CAN I USE THECANON XL2 and is it a viable camera in todays HD world.


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Hi all,

I'd like to ask your knowledge and advice here.

I shoot some travel videos, and recently found that some of my, as well as dozens of other's, videos were swiped on youtube by some scheister, who then re-edited them, threw his own name over them and re-uploaded them as his own.

 It takes someone with a lower double-digit IQ (not to mention a real pair of brass ones) to do that and upload them next to the same person you just ripped off - and think nobody is going to notice or care. Needless to say enough people complained that his account was killed.

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I work for a video production that is just starting up in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We are trying to figure out how things work with using copyrighted music in our videos.


I have heard that you can contact the record label and purchase the rights but it seems pretty unefficent to have to do that for each song.


Is there a license that we can purchase to be able to use copyrighted music in our videos?

Any help in figuring this out is much appreciated!

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8 months in the making with 80+ locations this thing felt like it would never be finished at points but here it is finally.
Would love to hear any comments or feedback.
Hope you enjoy :-)
Also if you like the tune you can download for free, link in video description.
Tonight - (Official Video)

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I made this video this week just to challenge myself to try and make it look real. Would love your thoughts on it. A girl who misses the way Justin Bieber used to be takes matters into her own hands...




If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel too if it's easy! 


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