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Hi, Does anyone know or have ever used in Bristol? I have 50 videos to transfer. They have done me a sample and was good but just wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas before I take the plunge? Its something I want to get done before xmas and they said they can turn around in less than 2 weeks.

Creative Solutions Los Angeles' Showroom is Open for Business

Andrew Ng on the floor of the CSLA showroom

Where can videographers, filmmakers and others in the industry go to see some of the latest and greatest devices designed to enhance and support their work? For those located in Southern California, the answer is the newly opened Creative Solutions Los Angeles showroom (CSLA). As we arrive, Andrew Ng, Teradek’s Director of Marketing, greets us at the door. He promises to get us in front of several live demos of the new products that SmallHD, Paralinx and Teradek launched at IBC in Europe last month which are making their U.S. debut tonight.'s picture
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Hey everyone!

I'm looking to get some new gear to shoot walkthrough videos for real estate. I'm currently using a Nikon D5200 with a Glidecam XR200. I usually shoot with a Bower 8MM fisheye lens because of how tight the spaces can get indoors. So far i'm really disappointed with the video quality in low light on the D5200 and I find the video isn't as smooth as i'd like since the camera doesn't shoot 1080p at 60FPS.

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Panasonic GH4 for shooting video is gonna be my new my camera very soon. I'm wondering what I should do about the lenses...
Should I buy a new one like Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 or buy a Metabones and use my Sigma 17-50 2.8?
I've been watching at some videos in youtube/vimeo and I really have the feeling that Sigma is not sharp enough... am I right? Any opinions about that?

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Hi there! I am happy to get my first post to this lovely forum. I have found lots of interesting information here!

So, I am about to buy a camera.

Fact 1: The most important for me is to record video. I suppose that if I had to place a ratio that would be : Video 85% - Photos 15%.

Fact 2: I am going to do some street video recording, documentaries, weddings, theatrical plays or concerts and more of that capture some beautiful video moments of "everything".

Blackmagic's URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera is in Production

Blackmagic's URSA Mini has a Super-35mm 4K sensor

The arrival of the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera signals changes that reflect well for live production and studio use. Announced at NAB 2015, the camera is now in production and scheduled to start shipping this month. The URSA Mini comes in an ergonomic shape whose aluminum body weighs in at only 5 lbs. and includes a side handle for hand-held work. There is also an optional shoulder mount with a quick release plate for taking the camera from handheld to shoulder to tripod.


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