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Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

What if you could make professional grade video the first time you picked up a camera? Videomaker's new free report "8 Tips for a Stellar First Video" will show you how to become a better videographer on your first shoot. Maybe you've wanted to make video for a while; maybe you just caught the video bug recently.

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Those of you who DO market your video or other business, products and related services, HOW do you market?

What has worked best for you (other than building relationships and getting referrals) in the real business world?

What have you actually tried that has NOT worked for you at all, given that you actually put some time into it?

If you DO NOT engage in direct-mail marketing, why? Too daunting? Too expensive? Not effective? Zero R.O.I.?

Does 3D Make you Sick?

Does 3D Make you Sick?
In a perfect world with the right visual conditions, eyesight that can quickly change between dual-camera imaging gives the viewer that 3D feeling. But in non-perfect conditions the images fall flat, and some people actually get sick form 3D footage.


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