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Video Production

5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video

The classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse that people joke about as a cop-out for carelessness is easy to poke fun at, but the underlying lesson from that line is that many excuses are just that: coverups for not being prepared, not being alert or not being savvy enough to know what you're getting into.

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow
Prioritizing your edit workflow is extremely important to ensure that the project you submit is one you're proud of. The real trick, is learning the difference between the quick touches that make big differences, and the time-consuming touches that casual viewers aren't even likely to notice.

Video Resumes Do they really work?

Video Resumes  Do they really work?
Let's get real. If you are looking for a job you are not alone. You are competing with thousands of other job seekers just like you. So how do you stand out above so many other well-qualified candidates? How do you get an employer's attention? Some folks are sending out Video Resumes instead of the usual, run-of-the-mill paper resumes. But do video resumes work? Do they really make you stand out? Will they help you land a job?

Where Do You Draw the Line Between Professionalism and Fun?

Where Do You Draw the Line Between Professionalism and Fun?
I love shooting video. I love achieving perfect composition and capturing great sound. It's really satisfying to bounce light around for perfect exposure. When I'm traveling with family and friends, it's important to me that we take home some great images that capture the moment. The problem is, I have a really hard time stepping away from the action to set up my gear. Like many shooters, I've come to the conclusion that in order to find that sweet spot between enjoying the moment, and capturing the moment, sacrifices need to be made.