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Hey, my name is James Regino. A few months ago I started a project called "Just Discover Yourself". The site is about documenting individuals striving to accomplish their dreams. At one point MTV was interested in my project, but everything fell through because I didn't want to lose creative control.

My goal has always been to get into video production, and ever since I began the project, I started to get job offers... but here's my problem... I have no idea what to charge for video work!


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Hello, I am new to this forum. I am also new to video editing and video production.
I've read on this forum in one thread that people charge anywhere from $250 for 5 bedroom house video (excluding the garage) and that $250 includes video editing, intro, ending and custom music. The sound tracks I know are $20 and up alone. Video editing for me takes about 1-2 hours. Driving, meeting, post production, client changes......

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Video productions are high in demands as marketing tools. Many companies are trying to reach to their target audience with interesting and interactive videos. Luminary Visuals is a video production company which helps in developing all kinds of videos for all purposes. The company creates videos for TV shows, commercials, films as well as documentaries. High levels of professional work are done by the expert members of the team. The video makers are artists themselves and they know the intricacies of the work well creating videos that become kind of visual stories.

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As an established video production company based in Bristol we’re always on the look out to form new exciting and potential prosperous partnerships. Our passion is to make films that tell real stories about real people, especially when it's about adventure, culture, and science & technology as it's what we do best! Not only do we produce our own films and footage material we also are proud to own a vast selection of specialist equipment that enables us to produce spectacular shots, normally only available on blockbuster films, for a faction of the price. 



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