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Win $5,000 in a Video Contest from G-Technology

Win $5,000 from G-Tech's "Driven Creativity" Annual Video Contest
Video Contests are Great Ways to Have Fun, Earn Prizes and Get your Muse On! The video contest, "Driven Creativity", is sponsored by G-Technology and offers amateur and pro video producers a chance to win in such categories as Animation, Music, Photography, Short Film and GoPro Active.

Editing Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You!

Celebrating "Star Wars Day" with a book "The Editing of Star Wars - How Cutting Created a Classic", by Linton Davis
Looking for a quick weekend read that covers two of our favorite subjects - Editing and Star Wars? Check out this easy-to-follow book that looks at some insider tricks to editing one of the greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy classics of all time.


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