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Can I edit video with Linux?

Can I edit video with Linux?
Linux is a popular free operating system that offers excellent performance and great flexibility. Is it right for you? Read on and see what you think.
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Would the 17" definitely be better than the 15'?

How would you customize your Macbook Pro? MUST i max out to 8GB? I have an external hard drive at home for storage. Would be nice to have storage for about, I dunno, an hour worth of HD footage in the laptop so I don't have to schlep an external.

Fastest Macbook video card would make sense, obviously.

Any advice?


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Ok guys, about a month or two ago I posted up my first 3 quicky tech videos for cretique.

Here is the first one I ever did:

After getting some feedback, watching some professional tech programs on TV, watching some behind the scenes footage of some movies and a LOT of shooting, reshooting, practicing, and reshooting I've finally gotten the next video done. Here it is:

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i see a lot of post about "hd editing", "formats" a lot of different things of that nature and im wondering if i buy one what will be different about editing. i use sony vegas pro studio 9? would i still be able to import videos the usual way or what would i have to "import hd video". basically im wondering if having a hd camera would change a lot of things besides good video footage. i was thinking if i had one i would just shoot a video and that be it but with all these post im thinking its going to change the whole way i video edit. can someone please fill me in?

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I am using a GYHD200U, shooting HDV-HD60p and DV60i depending on the shoot. The HDV footage is recording with an extra 12 frames of "Video Only" at the end of each recording stop! During playback and capture, this results in a sort of 'dropout' between clips in the final product. Is there any setting in the camera that would prevent this or is it normal during HDV recording. The DV footage appears to be fine. As long as I am on the topic, I am editing with FCE 4.0.1 and using trial and error to determine which codec to use in the capture process.

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I need some help my Pastor ask me to start video our church services for cable I started with a Panasonic ag-455 now I'm using sony minidv with sony veagus editing I need help do I need to upgrade or will I get better quality using the 455 to the burner or keep using the mini dvd which one gives me better quality now I'm doing all my editing is there a way to edit while can I tap into the sound board.will that be better for me?


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