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im selling my copy of adobe premiere pro cs3, encore, and onlocation for $350. Im assuming you guys know what these programs are for and how much its worth brand new. still like $500 i believe for cs3. man, remember when i bought this brand new. anyway, ive fallen out of the whole video editing(moved to cars. lol) and well i have no need for these programs so im just trying to make some extra cash. cds work perfectly and come with the product key you need to use the programs.

for windows. not mac sorry. any questions feel free to email me at

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I have a very large collection of home videos in VHS format. I recently bought the canopus ADVC110 capture device to convert all the tapes to digital format.

The device came packaged (for some extra dollars) with Pinnacle Studio 14HD. The first impression was good but quickly I gave up on using the pinnacle software as it crashes too much and without any obvious reason to do so.

Therefore I am looking for alternative that would be powerful and STABLE. However, I am having a hard time deciding which software to choose as there are many programs available.

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I hope that someone can put me in the right direction. I have been doing video editing for a long time not as a profession. I used for a long time Ulead Media Studio Pro 8. I recently bought a very powerful 64 bit operating system and I want to drop Media studio pro and choose a new editing software. I am undecided between Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and MAgix video edit Pro x2. I tried both softwares for a month and I learnt the Magix in no time while it's taking me a lot more time to learn the Adobe. Should I stick to the Adobe or is Magix just as good ? Thank you, Umberto.

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I could use some quick help. I work on Mac Pro's at my job and have been looking for a relatively affordable option to edit at home. I have the chance to purchase a 6-8 month old Mac Pro (without monitor) with a 2.93 Xeon Quad for the same price (about $2400) as a new iMac 27" with ani7 quad. The 'used' machine also has four hard drives, 4GB RAM and Apple Care warranty. Which system would you suggest?

2 - 1.5 tb hard drives 2 - 500 gig hard drives all Seagate barracudas. all new within the last few months
4 gig ram

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I am looking for feedback on who has the best Multicam Video Editing Software that runs on a personal computer. I know that some of the newer packages have this feature built in. I know that some people have used workarounds for older software such as Premier 6. Is there anyone out there who has any strong options on a good way to go?

Thanks, MCTV

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I am fairly new in video editing and I want to make a DVD with best image/resolution/audio quality from 48 small *.avi clips ranging from 53 to 55 MB in size and about 5 to 5.5 minutes long play time. They all have about 29.70 seconds of startup routine that I want to cut off from all except one clip that would be the first clip.

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I am a new member in this forum. I am very serious about video production. I will be having my first camera this coming Christmas.. I will be purchasing an hd minidv hv40.

The problem I have is that I do not know if my cmputer will be able to handle it. I currently have the AMD phenom x4 9150e quadcore. It is the hp pavilion phoenix special edition se a6655f.It comes with a nvidia geforce 6150 se graphics (read it is not good) but also read it doesnt matter in video editing??I have a gpu of 300watts, sata interface 3gb/s and 5gb of RAM.

According to

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I'm working on a project which calls for some automated video editing -- I need my video server to search through a few large video files, copy segments from each of the files and merge them together in a new video file. Need it all to be done automatically, based on selecting footage starting at frame x and ending at frame y.


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