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Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

What if you could make professional grade video the first time you picked up a camera? Videomaker's new free report "8 Tips for a Stellar First Video" will show you how to become a better videographer on your first shoot. Maybe you've wanted to make video for a while; maybe you just caught the video bug recently.

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Hi guys,

Having spent all my life working for fat cat corporations and lining
their pocketsI've, decided to have a try at going it alone and in the
process of setting up my new venture in video editing Digital Media

I'm looking for feedback on our new website Digital Media Moments

Any comments or critisisms are more than welcome and I really appreciate your thoughts.


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SmartSound Launchs Web-Based Music Customization at NAB

SmartSound Launchs Web-Based Music Customization at NAB
Quicktracks is the industry's first Web service to provide music track customization online. It will give SmartSound users complete creative control over the company's extensive Royalty Free Music Library directly from the web site.
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When I try to copy a video from my PC to a disk I get a "failed to copy" error message after several hours of processing with no further explanation. I can copy from the camera (Panasonic HDC-TM15) to the PC with HD writer with no problems. I have the same problem with my PC at my office that is brand new. Should i upgrade to HD writer AE 2.1? The Panasonic website suggests that the versions are camera specific.

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VIDEOMAKER EDIT (4/22/13): We have created a online calculator to help address this question. Try our Video Rate Calculator here.

Hello, I'm a video editor/videographer I have no idea how much to charge by the hour. So far i just charge my clients depending on how long and how much effects they want on there video. I us:

- FCP (Final Cut Pro Studio)
- Mac Dual Core.
- Canon XL1s
- Adobe Master Collection CS4

Here's a sample of my work:

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I have my current setup with dual 27" displays running on a QuadCore Desktop, its nothing special but it gets my work done. Friends have been wanting me to upgrade my stuff so that I can edit their Indy projects. I have been wanting to upgrade anyway as I got a new job as a commercial editor and I would like to do some of my work at home.

I am going to build my own computer to use Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere, my budget is 15,000$

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I'm a relative newbie video editor looking to expand my editing setup. I've read that I should be running a reference monitor other than my computer monitors. Is this only necessary for SD video? I deal exclusively with HD (or upconverted HD). Would that look the same on a reference monitor as on my cpu display?

If I DO need a ref monitor, what do you recommend? This might be a dumb question, but do I need an additional card to get from the computer to the monitor? Is there anything else I would need for this setup?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Everyone

I am new to this. I need help purchasing a mac for video editing with FCP. I'm an aspiring video editor so befoe I invest in classes/training I need to get the equipment.

I was looking online for refurbished macs due to budget reasons however I didn't now whether or not to get mac pro or mac book pro.

what "specs" would be the best for editing and running FCP Studio 3?

Also what other things would I need to be efficient and productive as a freelance video editor?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I want to start a show with talking objects like that real stupid Youtube show called "Annoying Orange". The problem is I have no idea where to start or even what to ask. I just bought a camcorder, but have an old laptop which I plan on replacing soon (don't know if that's relevant).

First I would like to know what software I can use that allows me to put my mouth and eyes on an object, and one that's easy to use and or easy to learn. For the most part I know my way around a computer but am not familiar with all the video editing lingo.


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