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Free Music Library From YouTube - No Strings Attached

YouTube Audio Library
If you've ever used a popular song on your YouTube video that was copyrighted, you might have received a take-down notice, or your video might have sudenly disappeared from YouTube's page. You want to use music legally, it enhances your video, and now you can. YouTube announced the launch of the Youtube Audio Library, allowing users to edit royalty free music into their videos - free of charge.

HP Envy 17 Brings Gesture Based Computing to Consumers

HP Envy 17 with Leap Motion
Some people believe that all it takes is a little magic to create a video. A wave of the hand and “Presto!” the editing magician’s video is now a reality on screen. This is now closer to reality than ever before as HP announced they’ll be offering the HP Envy 17 with Leap Motion.

The Fastest Processor for Video Editing

Logos on Intel and AMD
Video editing is no simple task. Besides mastering the intricacies of a professional video editing system, video editors needs to understand their system’s processing needs. What features are important in a CPU for video editing and motion graphics? Why would you chose one CPU over another? How do CPU lines from AMD and Intel differ in these features?


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