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Congrats to HP Elitebook Laptop Winner

The HP Elitebook laptop sweepstakes concluded last week. We received over 1000 entrants, so it took a little while to find a hat big enough to put all the names into! The winner receives an H Elitebook Laptop with Intel Core i7 2.30GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, NVIDIA Quadro 5010M, 17.3" Display, and Windows 7 Professional.  It's one of the most powerful video editing computers available, so there's no surprise that there were definitely a lot of people vying for this prize.

But we're happy to say that today we're finally able to announce the winner. Are you ready?

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Hello All,I am going to buy either a Dell XPS630 0r Dell XPS730XH2C. This computer will be used for everyday computing,gaming,video editing of High Definition.I am going to have four drives.Is the following a good configeration? Drive one:1.5TB partitioned into one partition for operating system,one partition for applications and programs,and one partition for My Documents.Drive two:1.5TB for capturing,loading,and editing.Drive three:1.5TB for capturing,loading,and editing.Drive 4:1.5TB for video storage.Thank you.

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