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Global Dialogues Video Challenge On the Lookout for Entries

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International public health organization, Global Dialogues, has issued a call for entries for their latest video challenge. The theme this year is Love, Freedom … Pregnancy?

Each year, Global Dialogues challenges filmmakers of any walk of life, discipline or skill level to participate in a challenge where they kick off a story and it is up to participating filmmakers to complete the story with their own vision in two minutes or less.

Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 2

Brown Cat Stalking Prey


We're really excited to get as many submissions as we did for week one, especially considering the technical difficulties many experienced with the submission forums, which are hopefully now fixed. If you've been keeping an eye on the front page of Videomaker, you've likely seen some of the entries. Head over the forums to see the rest. With that said, here are the details for next week:

Week 2: Shoot a chase scene with a non-human participant