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How many times have you wanted to setup a tracking dolly shot but didn't because you didn't have a dolly, rails, etc.? Depending on where you're shooting and how much room you have to work with if you've got a car, you've got a dolly! Here's a vid from Vimeo's Video Filmmaker School that gives some solid tips on how you can put your wheels to good use....

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Hi there kindly guide me what happend to my mac....


i have same data on 2 different drives (A and B). I bought new drive (C). I copied all data from A to C. and deleted from A. then emptied the trash. but all DATA from B was also deleted .... :(

How is it possible ...


Please Reply me

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I am curious to know about recording a local government public hearing, people not happy with how a company or industry is conducting business, or land dispute, something like that.

It's a public hearing. Can anybody with a camera go and record these things or do there need to be credentials handed out for such things.

I might be attending one and I want to record it for prosperities sake.

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I'm writing here because after some hard work we decided it’s time to show Logline to the world. Logline is a platform for video preproduction that will help you stay organized when working with your team on your project. You can register at with code LA-DOLCE-VITA. We would like to ask all of you for feedback, comments, some nice words, or a complete rant on what we’ve done.

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So I have started a new VideoBlocks stock video contributor account I have 2 approved videos and i am waiting for 24 more videos to be approved jus thought i would share the link here and really wanna hear your thought on stock video and the prospect of making a little extra income from stock footage...would you do it etc.

This is my first post here at video maker please be nice

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I'm going to upgrade my camera and am considering between SonyA7SII or Black Magic; pertinent as these are now the two rival options in the market.
My filming is documentaries and the old fashioned style of Technicolor & Expressionist cinema: 30s-60s films. So I need the best cinematic/filmic look via the camera and good lenses followed by any necessary grading. And I do not have money for REDs or Arris.


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