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How many times have you wanted to setup a tracking dolly shot but didn't because you didn't have a dolly, rails, etc.? Depending on where you're shooting and how much room you have to work with if you've got a car, you've got a dolly! Here's a vid from Vimeo's Video Filmmaker School that gives some solid tips on how you can put your wheels to good use....

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Hey everyone!


It's been a while since I've put anything up but. To make up for lost time, here's a really good comparison of the new Blackmagic Designs Cinema Camera and the Canon 5D MkIII by One River Media. The video takes a comprehensive look at sharpness, dynamic range, rolling shutter and much more. At 15min, it's longer than the typical internet attention span but well worth the watch if your interested in using these two cameras.

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Hi there kindly guide me what happend to my mac....


i have same data on 2 different drives (A and B). I bought new drive (C). I copied all data from A to C. and deleted from A. then emptied the trash. but all DATA from B was also deleted .... :(

How is it possible ...


Please Reply me

JVC Brings Slo-mo and more to 4KCAMs


JVC is bringing a wealth of new features to the GY-HM200 and GM-HM170 4KCAM recorders, both of which have seen recent price cuts with the GY-HM200 being lowered in price through a $500 instant rebate that changes its retail to $2,495, and the GY-HM170 now retailing at $1,995. Both fixed lens models will be gaining a new slow motion recording mode that will allow for 120 fps to be shot in HD resolution.

Vizio Reference Series HDR Displays Aim to Redefine the Color Space


The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood saw a guest unlike any previously seen: the 120-inch 4K Ultra HD Reference Series HDR display with Dolby Vision support. On display in the “HDR Lounge,” this and the 65-inch model were not just being presented, but provided demonstrations as to the changes brought on by new technologies, redefining the level of picture quality now available for home viewing.

LEICA goes 4K with the LEICA SL


In a bid to combine state of the art technology with a feature-rich set — and coincidentally further the brand name — the Leica SL now makes it debut. The mirrorless camera has a 24-megapixel full frame sensor and is able to handle 11 fps (frames per second) shooting bursts. It eschews the use of physical controls, instead relying on a touch-screen. The 2.95-inch EVF (electronic viewfinder) possesses 4 million dots (4MP), making for a detailed view of whatever the camera is aimed at. To provide for a more rugged construction, the all aluminum body has been weather sealed.

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Hi all,

I work at a digital media and marketing studio and we've been discussing how to price a project. It's a video project that will have a very fast turnaround. Some of the details:

-1-2 minutes long
-two versions, French and English
-lower thirds motion graphics
-we will need to be onsite for a 3-4 hour event to record footage, then have the video edited, graphics added, etc. and exported + delivered 4-5 hours after that

YouTube Red Paid Membership Service Nears US Launch

YouTube Red logo

On October 28, YouTube is launching YouTube Red, a new membership scheme which the company is heralding as the ultimate YouTube experience. At a cost of $9.99 a month, a YouTube Red subscription allows users to watch videos without ads. It also enables users to save videos to be watched offline on a phone or tablet and to play videos in the background.

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Hi, Does anyone know or have ever used in Bristol? I have 50 videos to transfer. They have done me a sample and was good but just wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas before I take the plunge? Its something I want to get done before xmas and they said they can turn around in less than 2 weeks.


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