Find the One Video Rental You Want - But Where?

DVD is up in flame and melted on black coals
Video rental is one concept that I can firmly say is undergoing great change in my lifetime. I know I'll relate to many people that have shelves full of VHS movies, and engage some that have seen the progression of video on tape to where it is today. As for today's teens and children, a little perspective on where video rental has come from.
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I have hundreds of VHS with videos of very valuable lectures. I want to capture it, enhance it, as it has degredated over last 25-30 yrs. The videos have lost colors, have disturbance in audio, I want to correct alldeficienciesand preserve it for generations to come.

What is the best hardware as well as software to do this? What is the best format to preserve this?

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With about 90,000 members to Videomaker, I am very curious as to how many of us are still using analog camcorders (VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, etc.). I find it hard to believe that all of the Videomaker members are ALL into digital only. I would like to have feedback from some analog members who still enjoy using this format vs digital (or maybe use both). If everyone was shooting digital only, then there would be no market for analog tapes. However, there are many outlets selling lots of analog tapes, including some of the camcorder manufacturers themselves.

History of Video Now and Then

History of Video Now and Then
For a "blast from the past," lets look at some tidbits of video history and how it has have affected the way people track events around them using video.
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First off thanks for taking the time to read through my question.I am a noob to video editing and so pardon my ignorance.I own a HD camcorder (Sony HDR SR11) that records in the AVCHD format.

Make a New Gift Out of Old Memories

Make a New Gift Out of Old Memories

How many of us have received homemade gifts over the years and wondered why someone would take the time and effort to make THAT? I still have the hand-made "Santa's Workshop Tissue Holder" I received a few years ago because I felt guilty disposing of it.


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