Technology Phobia or Frustration? I Miss Analog

Sometimes I really hate technology. OK. I'm no technophobe, but lately, it seems that just as soon as I learn the new updates to some software, they go and makes changes on me and I either have to update again, or buy fresh and start over.OK. Maybe I don't HATE technology.. but wasn't it supposed to make our lives easier?

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Ok, so I'm a film student at the college I attend and have been shooting random stuff since High School. Last year I upgraded to a Canon Vixia HF M40. Love the camera, but my first project with it DESTROYED my laptop. So, since then I've been computer less. But I got a credit card, slowly built up my credit, and now I am able to finance a computer from Best Buy for up to 1200. Now, at first I thought I would get a Mac. All the computers at the school are macs and all the classes use Final Cut and Avid on Mac. A promotion they have at the moment is $100 dollars off a Mac with a student I.D.

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I edit film with FCP and I have reached a point where I need a better computer. The Mac Pro I have now dates from 2006/2007 and is way to slow for my needs. The question now is: should I upgrade the computer I have or should I buy a new iMac or Mac Pro. I would appreciate any advice! I'm of course looking for the most cost effective solution.

This is what I have today:

Mac Pro

2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon


Hard-disk: 232,44 GB

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I'm doing web video only. Been using Vegas Platinum 8.0, and I love it. I've learned to really make it sing. Now - I have definite plans to upgrade something around the first of 2011. My options are: go to Vegas Pro (unltd tracks might be nice) or upgrade the cam. I love recording to the SD card. I could go up to an HD cam, or I could even go to 3CCD, but that would mean recording to tape. I'm in the exploratory stage right now.

I would appreciate your suggestions.

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Earlier today some changes were made to the forum software. Our forum software (bbPress) was integrated with BuddyPress.

In the future this will add a much more social aspect to the Videomaker website. For now we've tried to make the change as unnoticeable as possible.

Here are a few of the recent changes.

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I am a wedding videographer and am looking at purchasing either a Glidecam HD-2000 or 2000 pro. There is a $200 price difference between the two, so I'm trying to figure out why the HD series is so much more expensive (if it's worth it). Also, does anyone know how often upgrades to this series are released? I don't want to buy the HD if they're going to upgrade in April.

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and hope I can suck up as much info as possible from all you pros. Anyway, I have a JVC Everio HDD 20GB that I bought about 3 years ago. I have only used the cheap CyberLink Director Pro editing software that came with the camera. It's alright, but I want to upgrade. I've been looking at nicer cameras like the Canon XL1, Sony HVR-Z1U, and JVC HD100u. I only want to spend between $1000-$2500. I like my little Everio because of the ease of no tapes, but all these seem to be miniDV. Can anyone suggest a good camera to upgrade to.


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