Super Hi-Vision Makes Watching Sports Super

US Women's Soccer Team/photo credit Fox Sports

Entering the Fox Studio Lot in West Los Angeles, I ponder on what is going to make my viewing the U.S. Women's Soccer team's match against Australia out of the ordinary -- besides the fact that its the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament in Canada and that, instead of at a stadium, I'll be seated in air conditioned comfort in the Zanuck theater watching on a 20 foot movie screen.

Sony Electronics President Speaks with Videomaker About 4K in the Home

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo in Front of 4K TV

The grand opening of the Video and Audio Center’s Century City store (SoCal) made even more of an impact by hosting the world-wide launch for a new generation of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. These models, which were immediately available, feature enhanced brightness and color palettes, all at prices designed to be consumer-friendly. Sony Electronics President, Mike Fasulo, helped to further this latest Sony push for bringing 4K viewing into the home by making himself available to answer a few questions.

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I've been on my current project for 3 years and I'm looking for something new. I will do editing remotely but would be willing to travel to film. My background is in TV, filming and editing "reality". Currently I am the one man production crew for a hunting show that is airing on Sportsman Channel, Wild TV and Pursuit Channel. If you are looking for the right person to produce your new or existing TV show I have the resources to get the job done at a fraction of the cost of a production house. Portfolio:

3D Video: Boom or Bust in 2013?

Kids with 3D glasses
3D video is a polarizing subject. Hollywood loves 3D, due to increased ticket prices and classic blockbuster 3D re-releases. Television manufacturers are hopeful, thinking 3D might be a new way to get consumers to upgrade their newly purchased HDTV. Consumers, however, are lukewarm.
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Half of what I edit either goes just online, and the other half goes both on tv and online. I need a monitor that will give me an accurate picture of what the video will look like, especially on tv. I startedresearchingmonitors and they all are way out of my price range. Would it be a good idea to get a tv instead? Or is there a good enough computer monitor no more than $300. What specs should I be looking for and what is the difference between a tv an a computer monitor?

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I've recently been asked to begin compressing some video for SD television. The engineer with the Television station would like an mpeg-2 format but when compressing out of Compressor the video looks terrible. Worse than compressing for a DVD. Anyone have any suggestions on mpeg-2 compression settings that will increase my quality of picture. I use FCP with the Apple Intermediate Codec in my timeline. Another question, is there another compression program that would be better for television compression.


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