GoPro Launches $5 Million GoPro Awards for the Best GoPro Photos and Video

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GoPro, Inc have put out a call to users of GoPro cameras to submit their best photos and video content with the launch of GoPro Awards.

Open to both amateurs and professionals GoPro Awards is an ongoing, year-round program that rewards the GoPro community for sharing their photos, video clips and video edits for inclusion in GoPro Channel programming and licensing. Through a combination of cash awards and discount coupons, GoPro will grant up to $5 million annually to creators of content that the company uses.

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Last summer I stumbled upon a hobby that I really enjoyed.  I started filming motorcycle rides in my area.  I felt like the project was something I wanted to persue so last summer (2013) I took the project a step further.  I filmed 5 episodes in the Northwest including resort destinations, and rides that locals would like to see when visiting.


During the winter I was able to precure several sponsors, (good only no money) from Carhartt, Harrah's Casino, and many smaller establishments that comped us rooms, meals, and entertainment. 


Tech Needs for Traveling with Your Gear Abroad

Large international airport teminal
Traveling for the job has become quite common for video producers of all levels. You have to go where the gig is. But when your travels take you to foreign parts, it's not just the language you'll need to understand. What do you do when you need to power your gear or charge your batteries?


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