Word Play: Sharpen Your Typography Skills

Today's videographers are shooters, editors, producers, scriptwriters and title makers. You might be good at one skill, but not another. The game "Type:Rider" is fun and helps teach the basics of typography.

5 Tips for Improving Supporting Graphics

screen shot of graphics layout

If the average video producer made a list of the key elements for a great project, the list would probably start with capturing great images, and hopefully include getting good audio, having great content, and maybe even getting good performances from talent.

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It's been said that "necessity is the mother of all invention", and there's no better example than the skateboarding industry. At a time when little funding for their industry was available, they created magazines, artwork and videos with a DIY asthetic that would make Etsy.com proud. Today, if you've seen the film "Where the Wild Things Are" or caught that Chevy Sonic "car kickflip" ad during the super bowl, then you've seen firsthand what the action sports creative community has brought.

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How do I get proper typographers quotes (curly quotes) in the PPCS4 Titler, instead of the inch marks it defaults to? I can use Alt0147 and Alt0148, but is there a tidier way? Is there somewhere an option (like in InDesign) to "use typographers quotes"?



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