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Hi Guys!
First of all I'm an Austrian Boy, so my English skills aren't perfect :D

Since 6 months I produce outdoor videos, primarily with my GoPro Hero 4BE.
My problem is, that I get too few Subs and Views on my Videos.
Can anyone give me some tips to push my Channel a bit?

Social Medias are available and I also get a lot of positive feedback according to my Videos so they aren't bad


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Last summer is stumbled upon an idea and began shooting and narrating some of the motorcycle rides I go on.  I started with an original GoPro and a Kodak vi8 point and shoot camera.  I also loaded the videos in lower resolution so they wouldn't take as long to load.  I learn a ton, mostly things I wouldn't do again.  


I'm going to keep making these vidoes so I am working on upgrading my equiment this winter.


I purchased a GoPro 2 and am going to be getting a Canon GL2 Camcorder.  A better tripod and audio equimpent is also on the way.


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First of all, I'm sorry if this is waaaaaay too long-winded. I ask my viewers, and even other photography friends for constructive criticism and feedback, but all I ever get is "great job!" or "too long" while another person says "too short." So, I wanted to come here and talk to folks who really know what they're doing with video, and can (hopefully) add some advice. Please remember, I'm on a budget of $20. If I can't find it in my apartment, or build it for less than that, it's simply not an option at this time. :-( Thank you for even taking the time to look at this.

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So I'm throwing my hat into the real estate video game in my area and I'm ready to get moving very shortly here. There is just one issue staring me in the face, I have no idea how to approach this.Specifically, I have no idea how to even begin marketing this type of service in my area. Now I understand that much of the business in such a refined, niche market will come via word-of-mouth. But what ways/ideas do you recommend to get things moving?

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I've been editing on this for a few weeks now. It seems like it can't hold much data! I've tried clearing files and deleting old ones, and still when I transcode proxy media, it says "Not enough disk space, clear some space and try again" So I do what it says and it still doesn't let me.

Is there a way to avoid uploading massive amounts of data? Honestly, I feel like I don't have an overwhelming amount of footage on there.

I just need basic tips on managing my footage, and how to avoid this.


Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow

Editing Tip: Prioritize Your Workflow
Prioritizing your edit workflow is extremely important to ensure that the project you submit is one you're proud of. The real trick, is learning the difference between the quick touches that make big differences, and the time-consuming touches that casual viewers aren't even likely to notice.

Five Tips on Directing DIY Tutorials

Five Tips on Directing DIY Tutorials
Dont know how to do something? Confused by the high tech lingo in your instruction manual? No problem! Nowadays, we just grab our nearest internet capable device, plug in our favorite search engine and click the go button. You will find links to dozens of different sites, lists and columns of instructions, but if you need a visual guide, youre going to be looking for a video.
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Hello! My sister and I have been making simple dance videos for Youtube and and Japanese video community called Nico Nico Douga. We've only made a couple so far, but we're not satisfied with the outcome of our videos. We took some video production classes in high school, but we're using totally different equipment for a totally different end product this time. We were hoping we could get some well needed tips from the community here!


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