5 Reasons to Shoot on Tape

A couple years ago, I nervously left tape behind and began shooting everything to compact flash cards. Dazzled with the promise of a tape free workflow and never digitizing again, I never stopped to think about the benefits I'd be giving up. Believe it or not, there are still 5 good reasons to shoot on tape.

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OK I suppose this whole program was designed in the USA and they rarely think beyond the borders (outside he USA box).

My gripe is that having set up FCP for dv-PAL the time code generator fails to recognise that the frame rate is not 30fps but 25fps.

Result..applying the timecode generator to a video file that lacks its own timecode makes it very awkward to step through a clip referencing the timecode since the clip duration is at variance with that timecode readout.

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Hey everyone,

Recently I deleted all the temporary render files in my premiere pro media cache folder to free up space on my mac hard drive. This unfortunate action somehow prevented me from opening my premiere project file. I have wiped my entire drive and reinstalled the creative suite to try and get it open, and now I am able to get my project file open, but everything has been somehow corrupted.

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What I am struggling with is my timecode. I will record timecode to tape and say that I record 00:01:50 worth. Then when I rewind my tape to 00:01:00instead of the timecode picking up from where I rewound to it (00:01:00)will continue recording up from where I originally stoped (00:01:50).

How do I get the deck to lay down timecode from the previous frame and not where I stopped it?


Mike C

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