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I am kind of stuck. I need a simple ENG camera to have as a spare camera.

My question is - would a used Sony PMW-EX3 camera still be a good buy? The price for it with some basic accessories is about $2700.


I want a camera with this form-factor (or larger) and at least as good spec-wise as this one. Can anyone point me to a newer camera in the same price-class and with the same form-factor?


Or is this camera still something that is good for broadcast?

Sony Electronics President Speaks with Videomaker About 4K in the Home

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo in Front of 4K TV

The grand opening of the Video and Audio Center’s Century City store (SoCal) made even more of an impact by hosting the world-wide launch for a new generation of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. These models, which were immediately available, feature enhanced brightness and color palettes, all at prices designed to be consumer-friendly. Sony Electronics President, Mike Fasulo, helped to further this latest Sony push for bringing 4K viewing into the home by making himself available to answer a few questions.

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My problem is that I edit *. AVI format can not fill the full screen on my Samsung TV (1920 x 1080 - UE32D6757XXE Samsung 32 LED/FHD/200HZcm), but the movies I download on (MP4) can displayed in full screen - where is the difference and how do I get my home edited movie to fill the entire screen

See attached file:

NAB 2012: Hunger Games Director Gary Ross to Headline Creative Master Series

NAB 2012: Hunger Games Director Gary Ross to Headline Creative Master Series
Each year video and film enthusiests look forward to the tech and industry news coming out of NAB. This year, those lucky enough to attend will have a chance to attend a talk by Hunger Games director Gary Ross. Among other films, Mr. Ross is known for directing Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, as well as writing the mega-hit Big. At the time of this posting, Hunger Games is at the top of the box office charts in the united states and has had the third highest grossing domestic opening weekend ever. In addition to Gary Ross, Hunger Games sound designers Lon Bender and Bill Dean will be participating.

It's Official - People Use Internet More Than Television

It's Official - People Use Internet More Than Television
Researchers from Forrester Research have finally made official what we all knew would happen for years: people are now spending more time on the internet than watching television. This comes as no surprise. With services like Roku, Hulu, Xbox, and PS3, there has never been a better reason for cutting your subscription to cable TV.
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This is a commercial I've created for a local business. I've done multiple videos for them before, including a previous commercial. The only new footage in this commercial are the clips of the girls at beginning and end. All the other footage is older, from older videos I shot for the company.

The Future of Television

The Future of Television
One of the greatest parts about watching a movie in theaters is the resolution of the screen. Now, with 4K televisions coming to the market, your home theater can be truly that: a theater.


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