Saying Goodbye to Cables: How Wireless Technology Will Affect Video

Saying Goodbye to Cables: How Wireless Technology Will Affect Video
When Eye-Fi introduced their wireless SD card technology back in 2007, they showed every SD card manufacturer that there was a real demand for wireless storage devices. So with Toshiba's announcement to put together a standard for wireless SDHC memory cards, it finally seems as if the wireless data age has definitely arrived for both stills and video.
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In this day and age, camera makers
are vying for the rank of the best by rendering superlative features
that are constantly out doing each other day after day. But here is a
camera discovered from a dusty attic that is making news. Called
"Daguerreotype," it is a wooden sliding box camera produced by the
Paris company Susse Freres in 1839.


Over the last year alone, posting on this very blog has been quite eye opening. One of my favorite experiences has been all of the various new types of technologies that have come out recently. Some of them made me scratch my head, some of them made me think, some of them solved my problems and some of them created new ones.

Panasonic 3D Camera

Panasonic 3D Camera
When we hit NAB, there was this feeling in the air that the new & the future will be 3D. Panasonic actually revealed their take on the issue at NAB, and recently I was thinking about how impressive this technology actually is. So I thought that I'd mention the prototype they announced as the Panasonic 3D Full HD camcorder. It's looks crazy and it shoots crazy but will it work?


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