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Put Some Order in Your Camcorder


Grab your camera and go! That's what many of us think when it's time to shoot. But take a step back and think - would it have been better to get your camcorder? or something else? What do we actually mean when we say camera and camcorder? 

Technology Phobia or Frustration? I Miss Analog

Sometimes I really hate technology. OK. I'm no technophobe, but lately, it seems that just as soon as I learn the new updates to some software, they go and makes changes on me and I either have to update again, or buy fresh and start over.OK. Maybe I don't HATE technology.. but wasn't it supposed to make our lives easier?

The Future of Still and Video Technology

The Future of Still and Video Technology
There was a time when a person could buy a piece of technology and expect it to be at the relative top of technological advancements for almost a year, but alas, those days are far behind us. In light of these facts, we'll take a close look at what is coming around the corner in the world of camcorder technology.