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8 Tips on How to Use a Tripod

A videographer shooting video using a tripod
Terrific tripoding is a careful combination of tool and technique. These 8 tips hit the highlights to cover both aspects, so you know what features you need in a tripod for video production, and how to use it to shoot stellar shots that are smooth and stable.

Which Camera Support Should You Buy? Jib, Dolly, Floating Stabilizer or Slider?

We all try to make the most out of the gear we have, but every video producer hits points in their career where they become limited by their equipment. Anybody who does video seriously knows it can be an expensive venture, and that it takes time to acquire all the gear we want. The world of camera support equipment is vast and can range from relatively affordable to shockingly expensive.

Edelkrone Pocket Rig DSLR Support Mini-Review

Edelkrne Pocket Rig

As you may have seen on, we recently got our hands on the Pocket Rig by Edelkrone. At Videomaker, we're strong believers that if you're shooting on a DSLR, support is essential. Since the bodies are so small, these are cameras where the center of gravity is often in the lens. Combine that with the fact that the grip is vertical rather than horizontal, and you have yourself a recipe for wobbly video if you choose to shoot hand-held. We put the Pocket Rig on a Canon 5D Mark III and took it for a spin.

Pro Gear Highlight: Tiffen Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod With FM18 Head

Pro Gear Highlight: Tiffen Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod With FM18 Head
Tripods are one of the most traditional camera stability equipment used by professional videographers. Their portability, ease of use and wide array of applications have made them a versatile tool. Tiffen Davis & Sanford with their All Terrain Pod and FM18 fluid head have incorporated modern materials and techniques to make this traditional piece of equipment even better.

Pro Gear Highlight: Miller MINI Tripod

Pro Gear Highlight: Miller MINI Tripod
Traditional tripods may be adequate for most field applications requiring camera stability. But for certain situations, these cannot be used. Examples are when filming in cramped locations or filming shots that require camera to be at a low height. Miller, which has been designing filming equipment since 1954, has come up with their innovative MINI tripod to cater to these requirements of video and photographing professionals. The MINI tripod is basically a miniature version of the traditional tripod. It utilizes the advantages of a small size without compromising with the stability a tripod needs to provide.