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First thing; thanks for any and all advice forthcoming. Here's my issue, I'm trying to connect a JVC 750U to a Dell M6500 laptop via Firewire for the purpose of using the laptop to stream the feed. The laptop recognizes the camera in the Devices/Printers folder but I cannot see the feed from the camera to the laptop. Do I need something like the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to encode the video signal to a format the camera will recognize or is a piece of software needed to display the feed? Hopefully I've explained the issue concisely. Again thanks

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Hey guys, Would love your opinion on this. Recently, we've run into a problem when sending clients video files. We use wetransfer and other FTP software to share video projects.
The problem is it takes long and believe it or not, sometimes the client is like "I can't open this" or even worse, they approve and then just take the file, without paying or without it being a high res version.

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My aim seems pretty simple. A band is playing, and I want to broadcast it live on(in this case, but the problem has not progressed that far yet.

Can't seem to get my almost brand new cam into the computer live. Can't find the answers out there on my own.Once I do that I may be in pretty good shape.

Camera - Sony HDR CX550V(good prosumer model, about $1,000)No firewire out, just mini usb and hdmi

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I video a weekly program in the retirement community where I live. The programs are over an hour in length. After minimal editing in Premier Elements 7, I make a flash file (highest quality) and post it on our website. We host the videos on Hostmonster (unlimited bandwith and size) We are getting progressive video, which can be jerky and stop and go, depending on the viewers broadband and computer speeds. I have heard about streaming video, which adjusts the video feed to the users capacity. Anyone know what this is, and how to go about using it?

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Let's say I need to do inspections on the East Coast but I am on the West Coast. Is it possible to have somebody with a video camera and cell phone feed real time streaming video (or very close to) that I could observe on a website and talk them through what I want to do/see? If so, what technology would allow that?

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Here is an excerpt from a recent eNewsletter I put out. Thought it might be of interest to readers here...

Digital Delivery Vs Physical DVD Products
If you haven't already, you soon will face the decision to either deliver your how-to and special interest videos as physical DVDs, or as digital download or streaming products.

According to just about every media guru, electronics industry analyst, streaming media industry rep, or techno teenager, the days of physical media products are numbered. The DVD is so passe after all!

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