Shed 4k Video Storage Weight That You Don't Even Have Yet

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Order your 4k content from T3Media. Ordering food at a counter, is for many kids, a big step. We as video editors are constantly having to make steps to keep up with video technology, so how do we plan to deal with one of the new menu items, 4k?

Thunderbolt or USB 3.0--Which is the Better Option?

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This year at CES, we heard quite a bit about products coming out using USB 3.0 and/or Thunderbolt. Hard drives, card readers, monitors, even laptop docking stations. Thunderbolt is becoming more and more common in PCs, while the USB Promoter Group plans to update USB 3 in order for it to reach 10Gb/s, virtually eliminating the speed gap. Many devices come in one flavor or the other, but for some, you have a choice.
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I'm not new to editing but relatively new to hosting/posting them anywhere othern than youtube.

I'm doing regular work for a personal training/ fitness company who wants to film & post weekly videos onlinein a secure password protected manner for clients to download when they're travelng. We're talking roughly 3-5 video's a week about 5 minutes in length each.

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I am a new user of the Canon XF300, and I have some questions regarding storage and editing of the MXF files. When I store on blu-rays, I loose the link to the XF Utility software, is it possible to re-link later, or is it better to not use Utility at all?

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)
What carries up to 400,000 photos, half a million songs or 150 hours of video (DV format), and is compact enough to fit easily in your shirt pocket? Why, Western Digitals new My Passport 2TB portable hard drive of course! Anyone who works with high res photos and HD video knows the importance of having ample storage capacity. Easy enough when youre at home or in the office, safely snuggled up next to your RAID 5. But what about when youre out on the road or employ a workflow that requires you to carry large files between multiple systems? High capacity storage in a mobile format is essential for those with requirements such as these.

CTIA 2012 Spotlight Award Winner: Kingston Wi-Drive 64GB

CTIA 2012 Spotlight Award Winner: Kingston Wi-Drive 64GB

When you're working with lots video, one of the major roadblock can be how much storage you have access to. This problem is compounded when working with mobile devices that often have only a few gigabytes with which to store your data. Enter the Kingston Wi-Drive 64GB. This device feels like it's tailormade for us.

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Our company Dempsey Film Group has closed it's doors and we've been selling all kinds of stuff. Most of it is sold but we still have a SNAS storage system that is still available for sale. It's a 96 TB system that's all Mac based. This was used as a shared network attached storage and worked awesome for our 6 edit suites and graphic workers... It is my understanding that you can use this as a SAS unit as well or I am willing to part it out for the right prices and If I get a lot of response.

Intel Debuts 600GB Solid-State Drive

Intel Debuts 600GB Solid-State Drive
Well, it's finally about to happen. Intel announced that their getting into the world of high capacity drives by releasing a new line of solid-state drives all the way up to 600 gigabytes. The new drives are the third generation of Intel's SSD 320 Series


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