Best of CES 2016: G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL

hard drive enclosure open and closed

The G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL gets it done. You want 24TB of storage, the Shuttle XL is there. You want 64TB of storage at Thunderbolt 2 speed, you got it.

Best of CES 2016: SanDisk Extreme 510

SanDisk becomes the go-to name again when it comes to storing your media, and the SanDisk Extreme 510 does several things well.

Shed 4k Video Storage Weight That You Don't Even Have Yet

large rock presses down on a business man whose head is on a laptop
Order your 4k content from T3Media. Ordering food at a counter, is for many kids, a big step. We as video editors are constantly having to make steps to keep up with video technology, so how do we plan to deal with one of the new menu items, 4k?

Thunderbolt or USB 3.0--Which is the Better Option?

Cables connected into the back of an iMac
This year at CES, we heard quite a bit about products coming out using USB 3.0 and/or Thunderbolt. Hard drives, card readers, monitors, even laptop docking stations. Thunderbolt is becoming more and more common in PCs, while the USB Promoter Group plans to update USB 3 in order for it to reach 10Gb/s, virtually eliminating the speed gap. Many devices come in one flavor or the other, but for some, you have a choice.
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I'm not new to editing but relatively new to hosting/posting them anywhere othern than youtube.

I'm doing regular work for a personal training/ fitness company who wants to film & post weekly videos onlinein a secure password protected manner for clients to download when they're travelng. We're talking roughly 3-5 video's a week about 5 minutes in length each.

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)

Mega-Capacity, Small Form, My Passport (2TB)
What carries up to 400,000 photos, half a million songs or 150 hours of video (DV format), and is compact enough to fit easily in your shirt pocket? Why, Western Digitals new My Passport 2TB portable hard drive of course! Anyone who works with high res photos and HD video knows the importance of having ample storage capacity. Easy enough when youre at home or in the office, safely snuggled up next to your RAID 5. But what about when youre out on the road or employ a workflow that requires you to carry large files between multiple systems? High capacity storage in a mobile format is essential for those with requirements such as these.


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