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Lens Whacking In Motion

Lens Whacking just got a bit more interesting.. and mobile as Digital agency 15four explains their technique for lens whacking while using a body harness rig.

It Takes A Steady Hand

Mastor Tech Cheetah-CH1
As the cameras get smaller and smaller, it takes a steady hand to produce good video. Enter Mastor Tech, with two handheld stabilization devices for cell phones and small cameras.

Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown Honored

Luke and Leia from Star Wars on a Speeder Bike
It's hard to imagine a movie today that doesn't have a scene with a camera closely following the subject and Garrett Brown is getting much deserved recognition in the National Inventor's Hall of Fame for his creation of the Steadicam.

Consumer Gear Highlight: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee

Consumer Gear Highlight: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee
Shooting video with cell phones is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Technology has made integration of many devices into the mobile phone possible, the most prominent being the camera. Todays smart phones have high resolution cameras which allow users to make high quality videos. However, these smart phones are not specialized video making equipment and video is bound to be affected with camera shakes. The Steadicam Smoothee is the solution to this problem. Designed by Tiffen, the Smoothee is a handheld camera stabilizer that allows a user to make shake free videos while maintaining the mobility of shooting with a mobile phone. Camera holder is designed for Apple iphone 4 and 4S. A separate holder is also available for iphone 3GS. The phone is inserted into the camera holder which is then fixed on to the Smoothee for shooting.