How Would You Use a Glidecam HD-2000?

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UPDATE: Here's a video we came across that does a great job of showing what can be done with an HD-2000. Video is by Amir Zakeri.

You’ve seen smooth handheld video, now make it your own with a Glidecam HD-2000. Your use of a handheld stabilizer can dramatically increase the production value behind your video, and help you achieve stable shots more quickly than with battery- and power-hungry stabilizing systems.

Which Camera Support Should You Buy? Jib, Dolly, Floating Stabilizer or Slider?

We all try to make the most out of the gear we have, but every video producer hits points in their career where they become limited by their equipment. Anybody who does video seriously knows it can be an expensive venture, and that it takes time to acquire all the gear we want. The world of camera support equipment is vast and can range from relatively affordable to shockingly expensive.

5 Reasons you Need More than Just a Camera

To be a true video producer, you need to carry more than just your camera. Although they are wonderful devices that can do amazing things, you can't make great video with just a camera - you should still have a few tools at your disposal when you need them, so we've compiled this list of five reasons you need more than just your camera.  On every shoot you should always have:

1. A Plan: Because your camera can't create great production without a plan

Consumer Gear Highlight: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee

Consumer Gear Highlight: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee
Shooting video with cell phones is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Technology has made integration of many devices into the mobile phone possible, the most prominent being the camera. Todays smart phones have high resolution cameras which allow users to make high quality videos. However, these smart phones are not specialized video making equipment and video is bound to be affected with camera shakes. The Steadicam Smoothee is the solution to this problem. Designed by Tiffen, the Smoothee is a handheld camera stabilizer that allows a user to make shake free videos while maintaining the mobility of shooting with a mobile phone. Camera holder is designed for Apple iphone 4 and 4S. A separate holder is also available for iphone 3GS. The phone is inserted into the camera holder which is then fixed on to the Smoothee for shooting.

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots
When I'm on a shoot, I constantly think about what tool can take a camera shot from ordinary to extraordinary. There are some really great camera accessories out there that can help you achieve that exact goal. Who doesn't want to glide along the dolly track for that smooth shot, or throw on that stabilizer and get a great follow shot? Many times, just keeping your shot steady on a tripod can separate a beginner from a pro. However, relying too heavily on the tools in your arsenal can actually restrict your options.
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Hi, everyone, Jennifer O'Rourke with Videomaker
here. I have a reader that asks an interesting question and I thought
I'd throw it out to the forums.

I have a reader that
asks: "Does the magazine have an article on how to walk using a
stabilizer. I really suck at this!"

I did some research and can't see if we've ever done a story on the proper way to use a tripod or stabilizer. Looks like a story is in the plan, huh? Any ideas?

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A Simple Shoulder

Stabilizing a small camcorder can be a challenge. You can
use a tripod if your subject is stationary, but a tripod is cumbersome and you
loose the flexibility to follow action. Hand held gives flexibility, but often
results in shaky video.

I have solved this problem by attaching a small tripod as
shown below.

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Selling a brand new Redrock micro "Captian Stubling DSLR Bundle" for $950, used
for stabilizing DSLR video cameras such as the Nikon D90 or Canon 5D.
All pieces factory sealed.

Unfortunately our company shoots stills rather than video, so we have no
use for it at the moment, but this a great upgrade for those of you
interested in serious DSLR video. This bundle comes with Lens Gear Size
B, the most common size.

It sells for $1,150 at B&H photo or Adorama without any Lens Gear:

More info here:


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