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CES 2014 Spotlight Award: Dell 28 Ultra HD (4K) Monitor

large colorful display with a Toucan

The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor is a 4k monitor for $700. This is what many videographers and video editors have been waiting for, 3840x2160 resolution for the early adopters of 4k cameras. Features on the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor will help many users, including the ability to pivot to portrait mode and connect mobile devices.

NAB 2013 Spotlight Award – Edelkrone SliderPLUS

Slider with a camera on it

Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight Award to Edelkrone for the SliderPLUS. The SliderPLUS is a compact and smooth slider that can fit your backpack. This isn't a typical slider though, the rails move with the camera creating a very smooth move, and taking full advantage of their length.

NAB 2013 Spotlight Award - DJI Phantom

Phantom quadcopter next to a remote control and award

Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight award to DJI for the Phantom. We've been looking at flying camera stabilizers for quite some time, mainly because cameras are becoming lightweight enough for small craft like the Phantom. Simplicity and cost are what make the Phantom so attractive, and what will be even better is the range of shots you will be able to record.

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